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Why is Trust and Respect Important in The Workplace?

Trust and Respect in The Workplace

Give respect and take respect. This is what our parents and teachers have taught us. This is the best way to stay away from any negativity. It is just a small word with an easy explanation but very hard to grasp. Despite of controlling the situation, we, sometimes, lose temper and ruin the relationship. And the relationship once shaken is tough to rebuild.

At workplace getting frustrated is common but the real skill is to control the emotion and do not let anyone take advantage of it. If you learn the trick to managing your emotions and senses then no one can stop you.

Why is respect so important in the workplace?

Sometimes conflicts between two or more employees are not good at all for the team. A leader must make the workplace a safer and mentally healthy place to work.

1. A worker must learn to take the accountability of the actions done by him. Its employer’s duty to generate the awareness among workers of responsibilities. The more they are responsible towards their work, minimum work related conflicts will happen.

2. A vehicle needs proper maintenance in order to run. Similarly, a team cannot be productive if enough encouragements are not given. A team needs the appreciation of its work, and good team leader or employer must not forget it.

3. If you include an entire team to solve a problem then a better understanding will be built between the workers and they will feel enthusiased to be a part of such practices.

4. It is very important for the workers to feel equal in order to generate result oriented output.

What does safety first consulting do?

Safety First Consulting

As the name shows, Safety First Consulting provides safety and health training programs to the various and all types of organizations. Their services mainly include;

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Effects Of Workplace Violence and Its Meaning

What is Workplace Violence?

Every person feels stress at some point in time. Sometimes you just lose your temper and wish to whack everything that lies near you, but that is obviously not a good idea. Being in a bad mood does not mean you have to ruin the environment. It will not only affect the workplace environment but also your reputation.

What is Workplace Violence?

Fierce actions taken during the working hours on company assets or co-workers is called as workplace violence. Violence includes threatening, abusive and unpleasant language, harassment, and etc. It is a severe issue and employer must run a framework that ensures calm environment. It may cause mental health to injuries to death.

What Are The Effects of Workplace Violence?

Following things are a few effects;

1. Severe Injuries
2. Life threat
3. Mental health issues
4. Health issues
5. Organization reputation
6. Asset loss

What Constitutes Workplace Violence?

Following are the principle reasons for workplace violence;

1. Working Extra hours.
2. Lack of appreciation.
3. Deadline pressure
4. Tax return
5. Delay in salaries
6. Analysis/ appraisal meetings
7. Non-stop phone calls during holidays

Sometimes the situation goes worse and increases the chances of physical violence in the workplace.

Role of OSHA

According to OSHA workplace violence is a serious factor no employer should ignore it. Every organization is required to register under workplace violence training program and attend the sessions. Workers have all the rights to work under a safe environment.

Why Safety First Consulting?

Safety First Consulting

Safety First Consulting provides a workplace violence training in Ontario. They are partners with many reputed groups, such as CHSC, CPTA, Habitat for Humanity Toronto, etc. They are a TSSA accredited training provider. Other services they run are;

  • Occupational Health and Services
  • WSIB Service
  • Health and Safety Training

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5 Tips on How to Be Positive in Workplace

How to Be Positive in Workplace

Do I Need Positivity in The Workplace?

Of course, you do.  A person cannot work in a stressful environment. A team consists workers. Every worker has a different opinion and nature. Some adjust and some do not. Looking at this the employer must know the tricks to manage the workplace by increasing the productivity.

To be more productive at the workplace one needs to be positive all the time. People who stay positive are liked by the other workers and the employers. One negative person can ruin the atmosphere and generate unpleasant vibes. Well! It is not possible to be in the same good mood daily but at least we can try by following certain tips. What are they? Let’s find out.

How to be More Positive in the Workplace?

Appreciate Good Work

There are different types of people. Some are calm and some are over active. You must know how to tackle both. Whenever you start a chat, appreciate their previous work or something good in them. If you are handling a team, motivate your counterparts by appreciating them through emails. If you are a junior, a positive smile to your lead or senior will solve the half of the issue.

Stop Being Whiner

Never be a whiner. The employer will look after the complaint you made and try to resolve the issue, but coming up with issues every now and then will make you a whiner. Try to keep mum when the situation is not directly concerning you. If it does, talk to the person calmly and remember the mantra, ignore.

Celebrate Small Moments

Remember birthdays of your co-workers. Have a nice small party at your office canteen, and make that person special for the day. Celebrate a small achievement in the project completion process. It will boost workers.

Use Free Time

Morning is the time when we are more active and has consciousness. Organize puzzles, play interactive games, increase knowledge by sharing latest updates. This activity will keep your co-workers in harmony.

Listen and Being Listen

Be a good listener. Listen what worker has to say which can be better for the project’s future. It is a reverse psychology which says, “Listen and get listened.”
Remember, when you wake up start with some activities that generate activities. Jogging, Yoga, a good book read, or etc. if your day starts good, the entire day at the office will be good. Your aura attracts the universe.

How to Creating A Positive Work Environment Training?

Safety First Consulting is a TSSA accredited training and service provider

Safety First Consulting is a TSSA accredited training and service provider. It offers three cutting edge workplace services with positive workplace environment training in Ontario.

· Occupational health and safety
· WSIB services
· Health and safety training

Under the training program employer and workers are taught the benefits of a positive and stress-free environment.

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10 Ways to Prevent Violence in the Workplace

Preventing Violence in the WorkplaceWorkplace violence includes threats, abusive language, harassment, physical force, and anything that makes the office unpleasant place to work. According to a survey, more than a million workers in America are the victim of workplace violence. It becomes employer’s duty to provide its worker a safer and pleasing workplace environment. The more happy workers are, the more productive they would be.

Tips on Preventing Violence in the Workplace

1. Occupation Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) ensures that the workplace is a safer place for the employees to work. It has certain laws and regulations to which any organization must follow to avoid hazardous conditions. To do so, it offers training, education, assistance.

2. Many firms have come up and joined hands with OSHA to increase the workplace safety awareness. These firms give training, set up a safety system and provides a certification which is OSHA compliance.

3. Employers can motivate their workers on reporting any kind of violence.

4. List down what constitutes violence at the workplace and create awareness.

5. Convey awareness message through videos, images, presentations, etc.

6. Implement a secure system.

7. Regularly update the system as per the OSHA rules.

8. Allocate proper staff for managing the system.

9. Equip safety staff with assets like walk-talky, etc.

10. Tell workers not to enter anywhere unsafe and inform the safety staff immediately.
Preventing workplace violence will generate positivity in the workers’ mind and they will be more productive. When a proper system is in place clients love to join hands with them.

Who Provides Workplace Violence Training?

Safety First Consulting

Safety First Consulting provides a workplace violence training in Ontario. They are TSSA accredit and are partners with CHSC, CPTA and a few more. To know more about them, please click the given link,

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7 Work Related Stress That You Should Avoid For Better Health

What is work related stress?What is work related stress?

We read frequently in the newspaper that some worker committed suicide due to stress he faced in the office. Not only this, people often experience change in their behavior, severe health problems, etc. Recently, there was a news where a person started feeling weakness and eventually after a few days he collapsed in the office. Later, he was reckoned with multiple organ failures. During his weakness period, he lost the appetite, weak eyesight, and etc. People might say it has to do nothing with the office worked, but her wife claimed he was having a hard time at the office.

These are the following Work related stress symptoms;

1. The one we talked in the above paragraph, weakness. The person becomes lazy and loses enthusiasm.

2. Muscular pain is the most common issue almost every worker. However, the pain goes with the time, but some stay longer than expected.

3. A Severe headache can cause after working for hours, sitting in front of computer screen. It may cause bad eye sights.

4. You might actually feel the heartbeat. This is called Heart palpitations which might result in a severe case.

5. People who tend to work late in the office or are overloaded face difficulties in sleeping, and eating properly.

6. Sitting for such a long hours and intake of less food and more coffee or tea can result in diarrhea or constipation.

7. You might not believe but taking stress at work can make you lose your skin glow.

To avoid these symptoms it is important to know what causes stress at work.

  • Working for longer time
  • Insecurity
  • Relationship with co-workers and resources
  • Deadlines
  • Overload
  • Less pay
  • Physical or mental violence

There is nothing out of these above-mentioned points which cause work-related stress. Try to avoid them and give quality time to your family and friends. After all, you are earning to live happily not living to earn only.

Safety First ConsultingSafety First Consulting

Safety First Consulting helps your workers know the causes of stress and let them come openly about their issues. This firm implements healthy work environment for the workers so that stress is reduced and productivity is increased. Safety First Consulting is located in Canada. It is an ideal idea to organize a workplace violence and harassment training Ontario for the workers and employer in order to keep the workplace a pleasant station to work.

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8 Self-Caring Tips You Must Know in The Workplace

Self-Caring Tips You Must Know in The Workplace

Office work does not work according to anyone’s mood. In today’s world, a person is overloaded with multiple tasks and overwhelmed with the numerous pending work. In such case, health issues easily attack the human body. It is said that before helping others help you first, this line suits any employee as well. A good health condition and fresh brain can give more good results in comparison to bad health and stressed mind. This is a competitive world and workers are motivated to win the race but forget what is more important their health. Such competitive environment leads them to stress, back pain, mental illness, change in behavior, etc.

Here is the list of Workplace care and safety tips any worker must follow to avoid any hazard:

1. You might have good co-workers but remember before helping or advising them to check if it is achievable. It should not get hectic and irritating to you at the end of the day.

2. You get 24 hours and within these hours you must get 8 hours sound sleep, the remaining 16 hours demand the balance of personal and professional life.

3. Being in working hours does not mean dedicate full hours to meetings and laptop screen, give yourself some mini breaks, and little on the chair at exercise. These breaks may include, healthy chit-chat with co-workers,

4. The only key to happiness is staying positive. Keep your surrounding and aura positive and see how things will turn out in your favor.

5. Adhere is a sticky note right in front of your desk with the top priorities of the day.

6. Take responsibilities as much as you can deliver. Learn the mechanism of controlling things.

7. Follow smart goals before giving a commitment to any project. Check if it is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely. See how many resources you will need and what would be their skills, what tools will you require, and etc.

8. Remember, in order to deliver fantastic results, self-care at work must be your first priority.

Why Safety First Consulting?


Safety First Consulting is an Ontario, based Canadian company dedicated to providing workplace health and safety programs to ensure workers are working under a healthy environment. Once the training is completed they give confirmation of the training completed in the form of written proof.

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7 Ways to Manage With The Work Related Stress

How to manage stress at work?

Stress at the workplace is normal, continuous meetings, multiple tasks, deadlines, resource management, issue fixing, any many other things can easily cause mental or physical health to a healthy man. Well! We can do nothing about the workload but at least try to stay positive. You can follow these simple ways to manage stress at work and increase productivity.

How to manage stress at work?

1. First of all, in the workplace, there is no such word is ‘EGO’. If you ever feel you cannot make a bond with someone, initiate the talk.

2. No task? Do not laze around. You think no one is watching you but many eyes are on your activity. Keep yourself busy with something productive. Learn new tools, gel up with co-workers and seniors, in short keep doing something.

3. It might sound out of the subject but choosing proper diet can help you lose stress. Choose a healthy diet and live healthy and happy life. It is proved that people who eat healthily stay happy.

4. No matter how busy your schedule is but try to get sleep for at least 8 hours.

5. Boredom attracts negativity. Listen to music, learn new things, play indoor games at the office and create a competitive yet healthy environment.

6. Make a list of the tasks you need to perform this week. Prioritize them. Do not delay in delivering and your half of the worry will vanish. The more organized you will be, more people will start loving you.

7. Smiling is the best policy. If ever you feel insulted or humiliated or in some bad situation smile and cover it up with a humor. Try to make your surrounding cooler and calmer.

Half of the resignations are made because of stress one person faces each day at workplace. It is not only worker’s responsibility but also organization’s to make the work environment light. Join the workplace health and safety, and workplace violence and harassment training and motivate your workers to participate in the training and How to reduce work stress.

How to cope with work stress with Safety First Consulting?

Safety First Consulting

Safety First Consulting helps your workers deal with work related stress and live in a positive environment. If the workers are happy productivity will increase automatically. The training provided by this firm has been recognized by many authorized bodies. Once the training is done ask for the certification and increase your good will in the market.

Safety First Consulting is located in Canada. It is an ideal idea to organize a workplace violence and harassment training Ontario for the workers and employer in order to keep the workplace a pleasant station to work.