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Guide to Workplace Training

Guide to Workplace Training

Workplace safety is a must and more number of organisations are now aware of this. This is one of the reasons why there are now lesser reports of incidents at the workplace. But the fact is that even the statistics show a decline, the number of workplace related incidents are very high. Over the years it has been observed that there has been a 5% decrease in deaths at workplace due to incidents (in Canada).

Here are a few statistics to put things into perspective:

  • This figure actually rose during the period between 1993 to 2005 to 1097 deaths per year from 758 in 1993.
  • In 2008 there were approximately 3 fatalities each day for the entire year.
  • The workplace deaths in 2010 were approximately 1014; close to 2 deaths per day.


These statistics collected from workplaces in Canada show a subtle decrease in number of workplace incidents as more people begin to get aware of the risks involved and more number of businesses take more safety precautions. It is statistics like these that highlight the need of safety training which can be either on site safety training or online safety training or even off site safety training.

Type of Safety Training:

Type of Safety Training

The nature of the training has a lot to do with where the training is taken. For example, if the safety training involves use of special tools or setups like rope rescue then such a setup would most likely be available in house at the safety training provider’s facility. This facility is likely to have all the necessary tools and equipment necessary to simulate real life danger situations and provide necessary practical training besides the theoretical advice.

In addition to this there are often online safety training sessions available that are very useful. For example, in order to generate awareness about showing up to work while under the influence of alcohol and the possible implications it is easier to make use of online tutorial sessions by making it as graphic and descriptive as possible with appropriate tools. The main advantages of offering such online training sessions is that it is possible for the worker or even the employee for that matter to learn and view these sessions at their own comfort and leisure without any rush thus offering more flexibility.

On the other hand, instructor led training also has its advantages since it would mean physical training which can simulate real life situations. Thus with safety onsite training it is also possible to obtain first-hand information on first-aid, fire extinguisher handling, using rope during rescue and more.

Safety training with Safety First

Safety training with Safety First consulting

Safety first consulting offers several health and safety training Ontario for your firm by providing every kind of assistance in order to be compliant with the government regulations and to make sure that the workplace is safe.

They many types of services like health and safety programs that include inspections, workplace safety policy development, first aid training, basic supervision techniques and more.

With a highly skilled and certified team of safety consultants, Safety first is the ideal firm to help meet your workplace safety requirements.


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Safety Concerns for Electricians with Ladders

Not everyone associates ladders with electricians. However, the fact of the matter is that electricians also require ladders in several situations. Most of their major work is usually at a great height which would require a ladder.

Hence this article is meant for the electricians ladders and showcases how they can keep safe all times.

  • There are several types of ladders out there and many of them are useful to an electrician. The best type for an electrician is usually a step ladder. It is possible to use a step ladder for both indoors and outdoors.
  • The material of the ladder is also important. The ideal material is usually wood, aluminium or fiberglass.
  • The ladders have a feature where-in although they are foldable once they are opened and set in a place they can be locked in place. It is important to make sure they are locked in place every time you use them, no matter how minor the job might be.
  • The ladder should always be placed on a level floor. Even the slightest imbalance should be corrected with something reliable.
  • The topmost rungs of the ladder should usually be avoided since it is easier to trip or lose balance on those. This is especially true when using heavy weight.
  • It is a good idea to have someone supporting the ladder at all times. It also helps to face the ladder when climbing up or down the ladder.

Common causes of incidents with electricians ladders:

  • Slipping or losing footing on the ladder steps especially when on the top most steps is often the cause of an accident.
  • Lack of grip on the ladder while climbing.
  • No maintaining correct and safe position while on the ladder.
  • Placing the ladder on a slippery or uneven surface.
  • Not making sure the ladder is in good working order.

Safety First to the Rescue:


Safety First is a occupational health and safety training firm that always put the people first and ensures their safety. Having been helping people with workplace safety since a considerable amount of time, they are the true experts. Besides which they have also begun providing training and support for employees working at great heights.

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Electricity Safety Facts & Tips for Lightning Storms

Electricity a boon to mankind and silent killer at work place:

Electricity Safety Facts & Tips for Lightning Storms

Electricity has brought light to the lives of many people around the world and I mean this both literally and in practical sense. It has opened the door to a large number of possibilities and since revolutionized our lives in more ways than one. But even in this day and age (year 2015) there are many small villages and towns around the world which do not have electricity.

Most part of the developed world does heavy depend on electricity. In fact our industries and factories would not exist if it wasn’t for electricity. Electricity is a boon however it has now also become the reason why many people lose their lives every year. Electricity shocks and lighting strikes have been one of the major causes of fatal injuries at workplaces around the world.

As per the statistics collected the number of accidental electrocutions that take place each year is as high as 300. Besides which over 4000 injuries related to electricity are also reported on an average each year. [SRC:

Type of injuries caused due to electric shock and lightening:

  • Damaged nervous system that includes, the brain, nerves and even spinal cord.
  • Seriously damaged respiratory system as well cardiovascular.
  • Failure of Kidney.
  • Cataracts
  • Deterioration of muscle tissue.
  • Muscle spasms of great severity that cause broken bones.

Tips to be safe around electricity:

When the work place is exposed to live wire or activities that involve using electricity like during installation or repair of an electrical equipment it important to make sure that the employees and workers are well aware of the electricity safety tips. In addition to which the workers also need to be aware about the lightning safety facts too. It is quite amazing how being aware and prepared for dangers to come can save a lot of lives.

  • Keep a look out for possible electrical risks. The safest practice is to make sure you either have an eye to detect possible electrical hazards or make sure you get the right person to do it.
  • Monitor all electric instruments for any damage or bad wiring, cut cords and bad plugs too. These are the most common cause for an accident that involves electricity.
  • Electricity and water are two things that never go together should never be attempted either.

Lighting safety tips with safetyfirst consulting:

Safetyfirst lightning & electricity Training

There are several workplaces that exposed to the open air for example a high rise under construction. Although in most cases proper precautions is taken during rough weather and fatal incidents avoided at times when the bad weather gets worst very fast, many workers are often left exposed to lightning strikes.

Safety First is one of the leading consulting firms for safety at the work place. There are two things that you can be sure off when you pick Safety First Consulting. For one you will get the full attention of our experienced, skilled and highly trained safety consultants. The second being that you will always find that the safety consultant will have an eye to spot potential hazards no matter which industry it may be.

Safety First Consulting can provide OSHA electrical safety training for all your workers. Call us today to arrange training 905-669-5444.

Feel free to contact our safety consultant team here .