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10 Ways to Prevent Violence in the Workplace

Preventing Violence in the WorkplaceWorkplace violence includes threats, abusive language, harassment, physical force, and anything that makes the office unpleasant place to work. According to a survey, more than a million workers in America are the victim of workplace violence. It becomes employer’s duty to provide its worker a safer and pleasing workplace environment. The more happy workers are, the more productive they would be.

Tips on Preventing Violence in the Workplace

1. Occupation Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) ensures that the workplace is a safer place for the employees to work. It has certain laws and regulations to which any organization must follow to avoid hazardous conditions. To do so, it offers training, education, assistance.

2. Many firms have come up and joined hands with OSHA to increase the workplace safety awareness. These firms give training, set up a safety system and provides a certification which is OSHA compliance.

3. Employers can motivate their workers on reporting any kind of violence.

4. List down what constitutes violence at the workplace and create awareness.

5. Convey awareness message through videos, images, presentations, etc.

6. Implement a secure system.

7. Regularly update the system as per the OSHA rules.

8. Allocate proper staff for managing the system.

9. Equip safety staff with assets like walk-talky, etc.

10. Tell workers not to enter anywhere unsafe and inform the safety staff immediately.
Preventing workplace violence will generate positivity in the workers’ mind and they will be more productive. When a proper system is in place clients love to join hands with them.

Who Provides Workplace Violence Training?

Safety First Consulting

Safety First Consulting provides a workplace violence training in Ontario. They are TSSA accredit and are partners with CHSC, CPTA and a few more. To know more about them, please click the given link,