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Internal Safety Consultants With Skills They Should Posses

Tips for Improved Internal Safety Consulting: Internal Safety Consulting

The job of an Internal Safety consultant is never easy. This is the person a business turns to when it requires to ensure the safety of the workplace and their employees. It is fine while things go right however if things go wrong the blame-game starts and the safety consultant is often scrutinized. In general the process of a safety consultant is to access the workplace and detect all the potential hazards and at the same time make sure the employees and employers are well aware of the risks involved in all the tasks. Besides which there are several safe practices that can be followed and if done so can greatly lessen the risk of injury at workplace.

There are a great many Safety consulting companies that offer safety consulting services around the globe. But Safety Consulting cannot be generalized and each situation is different. Hence it takes an trained eye and plenty of experience to get it right.

Tips for better internal Safety Consulting:

  • A safety consultant may have deep knowledge of one industry and at the same time may not be very familiar with another industry. Hence it is usually a good idea for the consultant to concentrate his efforts on helping firms of the industry he is familiar with. This is beneficial for all involved since it makes sure the firm receives the best possible guidance.
  • A good safety consultant is the one who asks a lot of questions. The firm will have a completely different perspective of things and will rarely be able to volunteer all the necessary information. Hence by asking the right questions the Safety Consultant can retrieve all the important information.
  • Staying in focus is the key factor for a safety consultant. It pays to have the best certification and qualifications for the job along with some experience. However it is essential to remained focused on the tasks and to understand them and interpret them correctly.
  • Being able to communicate effectively is very important. From important discussions conducted with the management to make sure the employees get the clear picture of the hazards involved; all require good communications skills. Because at the end of the day if the employees do not understand a thing during their training sessions regarding the work place hazards the entire purpose is defeated.
  • The bigger picture is what helps to obtain more insight into the work place and hence prevent any accidents and injuries from occurring. The bigger picture should ideally include all the details like the plan, the budget available as well as the basic requirements of the business like production quantity and other technical requirements.

How Safety First can help:

Safety Consulting

Safety First is one of the few firms that has the experience and means to help organizations in the matter of health and safety consulting. Their courses are specially structured to help employees gain a better understanding of their respective working environments and thus prevent and incident from occurring. They have a strong team of certified professional safety consultants that can help businesses of all sizes and a wide range of industries as well. Their certified professionals are capable of providing all the necessary help and support to many different types of businesses; hence no matter what your business you are sure to receive plenty of work place safety tips.

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Respiratory Fit Test – Methods and Need

In Canada, Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) needs to be adapted on both regional and national level. According to the minimum requirement set for this standard needs to be fulfilled. This standard intends to make sure that workers in risky environments are being prevented from deadly ingredients, like; contaminants, particulates, vapours, and toxins. These components have the ability to harm workers, or kill easily. Health and Safety program ensures the respirators are fitted properly on the workers’ face. Each day thousands of workers take a risk and perform dangerous tasks. In that case it is their employer’s duty to introduce a standard that implements the safety program and training in the organization to avoid and loss. Implementation of OHS not only helps workers, but prevents any financial loss likely to happen due to any unwanted accident.

The blog figures out the need and methods that fulfils respirator fit test requirements set by OSHA Standard.

What is a respirator fit test?

A respirator fit testing is a procedure to determine whether the respirator worn by worker fits his face and mouth and, comfortable. This test is of two types;

1. Qualitative, and
2. Quantitative

And according to respiratory fit test from OSHA, both the types use different methods of testing.

The Qualitative Respirator test checks your sense of smelling and taste. There are four methods;

  • Isoamyl acetate, it gives an odor of banana
  • Saccharin, it gives your mouth a sweet taste
  • Bitrex, bitter taste
  • Irritant smoke, likely to cause cough

The Quantitative Respirator test uses three methods;

  • Generated aerosol
  • Ambient aerosol; and
  • Controlled Negative Pressure

Need of Respirator fit test

OSHA strictly forces to use this test in the industries where workers are likely to be contaminated due to deadly leakage while performing the task. The worker is required to wear respirators which fits to their face properly. Workers with beard are forced to wear tightly fitted respirators. During the respirator fit test training the model and size of a respirator according to the face shape is determined.

Where can I get a respirator fit test done?

Safety First Consulting for respiratory fit test training

Safety First Consulting believes in providing health and safety assistance to the various organizations. Their programs like Occupational Health and Safety services, WSIB services and health and safety training programs are compliant to government. They provide respiratory fit test training to the organization where workers working the hazardous zones each day.

It is a TSSA accredited training provider. Their training providers are; CHSC, CPTA, Habitat for Humanity and etc.

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Health and Safety Awareness – Risk Assessment

Health and Safety Awareness Training for Workers:Health and Safety Awareness Training for Workers

Health and Safety is an issue that every organization needs to deal with. Neglecting the safety at workplace can result in fatal injuries and spell doom for all concerned. Although the safety standards are now higher, with more number of people and organizations following the procedure, still accidents do occur as show by these statistics:

The number of fatalities at work place in 2014 were 4056.

More recently more than 250 multinational workers were killed in a mine at Turkey in May 2014. The initial cause at the time was found to be neglected safety review.

Rick assessment is an important part of health and safety and helps build the foundation towards a better and safer workplace.

What is Risk Assessment?

Risk Assessment should ideally be the start of an health and safety program Ontario. The tasks usually involve:

  • Seek and identify and hazards.
  • Analyze the level or risk the hazard posses
  • Eliminate or find a work around for the hazard.

For example in a construction company the risk assessment can bring to light potential danger of heavy objects falling on people. Or in a lab while using a laboratory instrument, assess the risk of using bio hazard substance in case of leek or malfunction of device.

The importance of Risk Assessment:

In just about any health and safety process, risk assessment plays an important role for the initial assessment of the situation. Here is why risk assessment is so important:

  • Make all concerned aware of the risks and hazards at work place.
  • Vital in identifying who are the people at risk ( which group of employees or management)
  • Helps identify the steps necessary to eliminate the risk and even gauge if current control measures are up to standard.
  • Helps prioritize all hazards and take appropriate control measures.

How is Risk Assessment done:

The task of performing the risk assessment is most suitable to a person who has an eye to spot all the hazard. Someone with a good knowledge of the domain, for example for a construction company it would be vital to have a risk assessor who knows about the construction business. At the same time for the risk assessment of a medical laboratory it would be advisable to have a person who knows his way around chemicals and instruments doing the risk assessment.

The methods of risk assessment involves identifying the hazards and also assessing the level of threat they possess. Besides which it is also necessary to monitor the hazard for increase in level of threat or change of threat. In most cases a system should also be in place to eliminate all the threats by taking the suggested action.

Trust Safety First when it comes to Safety First:

Safety Consulting

Safety first is one firm that is well placed to help organizations on the subject of occupational health and safety consulting. Their team consists of certified safety professionals and an expert team of health and safety professional consultants with experience in businesses of all sizes and a wide variety of different industries as well. They are able to make sure that their clients are completely aware of the government legislation and regulations.

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Health and Safety Training Overview

Workplace Safety Rules With Health and Safety Training:

Workplace safety rules and standards exits for the benefit of all concerned, the employees and the employers. In general it is necessary for the employer to educate the employee regarding the hazards involved at the workplace and all the necessary precautions and safe guards that a necessary to be taken. That said there as a few occupations that have a high risk of accidents occurring, eg. construction work, mining, etc and those with low risk. However safety needs to be maintained at all type of workplaces. Here are few workplace safety statistics to prove the point.

  • Approximately 4600 workers were killed at the workplace in 2012.
  • In 2014 more than 250 workers were killed in a mining incident in Turkey. This was mainly due to negligence by the management and involved workers from all around the world including Turkey.

Hence this stresses the importance of workplace safety since there are still many incidents even though precautions are taken.

Workplace Safety Training:

Workplace safety training is important for all employees and is applicable to both existing employees and the new ones. It is likely that the existing employees have already been advised about the safety concerns and made aware of the hazards at the workplace. In that case it is a good idea to arrange for a safety training during orientation of an employee. Hence the worker is thus made aware of the workplace safety facts during the orientation program or prior to joining.

Topics to include during Safety Orientation Training:

  • Providing information about the supervisor which also includes the contact information.
  • Making sure the employees are aware of their rights as well as responsibilities.
  • Notifying all about the workplace safety rules.
  • Also notifying them about the hazards present at the workplace.
  • Advise the workers regarding appropriate workplace environment and how to maintain it.
  • Supply the workers with the protective equipment and help them to use it correctly.
  • The employees should be notified about all the emergency procedures and also be notified regarding the location of the First Aid Box or medical help.

How Safety First can help:

Safety consulting

Safety First is one of the few organizations that has the experience and means to help organizations in the matter of health and Safety consulting. Their courses are specially structured to help employees gain a better understanding of their respective working environments and thus prevent and incident from occurring. They have a strong team of certified professional safety consultants that can help businesses of all sizes and a wide range of industries as well.