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Why Health And Safety Training is Important For Your Workplace?

Health And Safety Training For Workplace

Undertaking a business means carrying lots of responsibilities. Health and safety are two of them. Owning a business means hiring resources, purchasing tools, machinery, equipment and etc. With all these, safety of your worker becomes your first responsibility. If you own a firm then it is your duty to create awareness of OSH among your workers.

Let us understand the importance of health and safety at work:

1. You do business under a responsible environment.
2. It increases the brand awareness and its value.
3. Workers become more productive and committed.
4. Your workplace becomes safer place for your workers.
5. Workers become efficient, perform multitasking and give result oriented work.

What are the Benefits of good health and safety in the workplace:

1. It reduces the sick leaves taken by the workers.
2. Increases the reputation in client’s eyes.
3. More productivity gives more profit.
4. Save money and time by preventing legal and insurance proceedings.

Benefits of Health and Safety Best Practices:

OSH can be applied to all kinds of businesses. It ensures the health and safety of the worker and motivates them to be more active during the working hours. It prevents your business by reducing the claims like;

  • Accidents,
  • Injuries,
  • Health illness, Etc.

Why Safety First Consulting?

Safety First Consulting

Safety First Consulting is an Ontario based safety training center. They are committed to provide workplace health and safety training Ontario to all types of businesses. Besides this, they also provide WSIB revenue services and WSIB claims management training. By applying safety framework in the organization they ensure;

  • Workers are working under a safe environment.
  • Business sees productivity over financial loss.

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Choose The Right Method for Workplace Safety Training

Workplace safety is essential in just about every industry. The reason being that every year there are fatal accidents or health related fatalities. The statistics collected over the years does shows a decrease in the number of workplace incidents. However, the number is still quite high and does need to be dealt with in a correct manner. There are some industries that are more prone to workplace incidents than others like the construction and manufacturing industries, however this is a matter that every industry should be taking seriously.

Statistics and Facts for Workplace Incidents in Recent Years

  • 4679 Workers met with fatal workplace accidents in the year 2014 in USA alone.
  • 20.5 % of these accidents where in the construction industry.
  • In Canada approximately 16143 people lost their lives to workplace injuries in the period between 1993 and 2010.

Significance of Workplace Safety Training:Significance of Workplace Safety Training

The number of workplace injuries has fall in recent years. For example, in Canada there has been decrease in number of fatalities in the last 30 years from 5% down to 1.5% of the workers. But still year many workers miss work due to work related injuries that can be prevented.

The safety training that the workers receive at the workplace has a lot to do with preventing accidents from occurring. Even a fully qualified and skilled worker can be the victim of a fatal accident. However, if proper guidelines and training is provided by the employees pertaining to the industry and workplace this can be prevented.

Workplace Safety Training:

  • Good and quality training lays the foundation for a safe workplace.
  • Workplace safety programs are usually industry specific and designed to include most of the major issues.
  • These workplace safety programs are also tailored made for each firm in addition to being industry specific.
  • Thus a training program can make sure that workers are well aware of the dangers at the workplace and also well trained to deal with an emergency situation.
  • The method of the workplace training depends a great deal on the industry. It can be either in-house, onsite safety training or even online for that matter.
  • In-house workplace training would usually include the use of special equipment or special scenarios. For example, this may include making use of ropes for rescue.
  • Whereas the on site safety training is more to do with the dangers and preventions to be taken at the work site.

Safety Training with Safety First

Safety Training with Safety First

Safety first consulting offers several workplace health and safety training services. They provide every kind of assistance in order to be compliant with the government regulations and to make sure that the workplace is safe.

They many types of services like health and safety programs that include inspections, workplace safety policy development, first aid training, basic supervision techniques and more.

With a highly skilled and certified team of safety consultants, Safety first is the ideal firm to help meet your workplace safety requirements.

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Importance of Workplace Safety and Training

Personally speaking, why even this question needs to be asked. Who would want to be injured on the first place? No one. Then why this post then?

We know working at a dangerous sites and taking risk of the life sometimes become necessity. People work hard to feed their families. But this is also the truth that no family would want their earning member, who is so closed to their hearts works in an environment where the risk of any injury, or accident is unpredictable. All they can do is to keep some faith and expectations from the organization for who one of their family members is working.

To The Organization

Importance of Workplace Safety and Training

An organization has multiple divisions and departments. They all have different roles and responsibilities. There is one department named as, Health and Safety. They ensure that the employee is safe during his or her working hours. What makes this department is special is that they regularly conduct programs to generate awareness about the healthiness. They tell all the employees and organization too, the importance of Workplace Safety in the Workplace.

Explaining the Importance of workplace Safety

Less Injuries, Less Financial Damage

If the worker is safe and healthy then the company is in profit anyway. It has been seen in past any years, that an unhealthy employee costs you, and if he is fit and sound company will face less financial losses. Also, if he is not able to work for a while, the free hours will give you pains.

Care Workers, They will Care You

Workers enjoy working for them who care for them. If you take their health responsibility, they will take all the work related responsibilities under their account. Only a happy person can be productive. Remember that. Also, if your company hits 100 percent safe place to work, then it automatically gains popularity from the clients and the candidates.

Safety is Directly Proportional to Productivity

It is a truth, the companies who have witnessed success have better and safer workplace.

Organizations who take safety of the workers more seriously than anything else, likely see productive environment. A happy worker will put zeal into his or her work and anything. When a workplace is healthier, workers get less distracted and concentrate more on their task.

Importance of Safety Signs in the Workplace

The biggest importance of safety sign at workplace is that workers stay ensured that they are safe, and proper preparations have been made in case of any urgency. You may find many signs at your workplace, they all have special meaning. Workers must know about their significance. A department delicately working for this standard, must have all the signs set in their program.

Informing the risk in detail by writing long tail warnings, a simple sign makes sense. The best part is that all over the world these safety and risk signs are same. If you are travelling to other country related to office work, you will find the same signs there. They are standardized. Red indicates immediate danger. Green or amber color tells that precautions should be made in prior anything serious happens. Blue is something similar to Blue which means, do not wait and take immediate action. A good safety sign program will lead towards first aid room or somewhere safe. However, the signs are just a reminder, a worker must understand the importance of safety training in the workplace.

Safety Training Importance

Training programs are to ensure your employees and you both are safe and healthy during the working hours. Positive attitude brings productivity and thus less distractions occur. The third party assistant helps you learn safety tips, which can be resumed by the in-house employee. The organization with a safety certificate receives praise everywhere, and stays legally safe. Last but not the least, save money by saying goodbye to unfortunate things and invest them somewhere profitable.

Which Company Provides Health and Safety Training?

Safetyfirst for Health and Safety Training

Safety First is a TSSA accredited training provider and partner with CHSC, CPTA, and HABITAT. The only safety consulting company registered in Canada, has certain good points;

It makes sure organization has a minimum number of health risk. It helps them reduce the financial cost by applying a framework in the industry.

With their health and safety training Ontario and certification provided to you, you are known as reputed firm.

Does not matter small business or large, it proposes COR for all types of industries.

Visit the website for more information or contact (905)669-5444 or (866)214-0431

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Guide to Workplace Training

Guide to Workplace Training

Workplace safety is a must and more number of organisations are now aware of this. This is one of the reasons why there are now lesser reports of incidents at the workplace. But the fact is that even the statistics show a decline, the number of workplace related incidents are very high. Over the years it has been observed that there has been a 5% decrease in deaths at workplace due to incidents (in Canada).

Here are a few statistics to put things into perspective:

  • This figure actually rose during the period between 1993 to 2005 to 1097 deaths per year from 758 in 1993.
  • In 2008 there were approximately 3 fatalities each day for the entire year.
  • The workplace deaths in 2010 were approximately 1014; close to 2 deaths per day.


These statistics collected from workplaces in Canada show a subtle decrease in number of workplace incidents as more people begin to get aware of the risks involved and more number of businesses take more safety precautions. It is statistics like these that highlight the need of safety training which can be either on site safety training or online safety training or even off site safety training.

Type of Safety Training:

Type of Safety Training

The nature of the training has a lot to do with where the training is taken. For example, if the safety training involves use of special tools or setups like rope rescue then such a setup would most likely be available in house at the safety training provider’s facility. This facility is likely to have all the necessary tools and equipment necessary to simulate real life danger situations and provide necessary practical training besides the theoretical advice.

In addition to this there are often online safety training sessions available that are very useful. For example, in order to generate awareness about showing up to work while under the influence of alcohol and the possible implications it is easier to make use of online tutorial sessions by making it as graphic and descriptive as possible with appropriate tools. The main advantages of offering such online training sessions is that it is possible for the worker or even the employee for that matter to learn and view these sessions at their own comfort and leisure without any rush thus offering more flexibility.

On the other hand, instructor led training also has its advantages since it would mean physical training which can simulate real life situations. Thus with safety onsite training it is also possible to obtain first-hand information on first-aid, fire extinguisher handling, using rope during rescue and more.

Safety training with Safety First

Safety training with Safety First consulting

Safety first consulting offers several health and safety training Ontario for your firm by providing every kind of assistance in order to be compliant with the government regulations and to make sure that the workplace is safe.

They many types of services like health and safety programs that include inspections, workplace safety policy development, first aid training, basic supervision techniques and more.

With a highly skilled and certified team of safety consultants, Safety first is the ideal firm to help meet your workplace safety requirements.


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Understanding Moral Duty and Prevention Tips for Workplace Accidents


Prevention Tips for Workplace Accidents

At work there are chances a worker can get injured or fall ill. During the working hours it is the responsibility of the employer to look into the matter and take the accountability to figure out the thing. Accidents in the workplace may happen due to many reasons, to name a few;

  • Illness due to performing specific work continuously for the long period of time.
  • Not providing safety equipment during the risky tasks.
  • Injuries due to lifting heavy materials.

As said it is the employer’s responsibility to overcome the situation, but as a worker, you have few responsibilities as well so that no hassle happen due to any miscommunication.

Inform your employer first:

Whatever, you feel, whether illness, muscular pain due to long sitting, or any construction accident, tell your employer first. There do have such departments for such cases, where such issues are handled appropriately.

See the doctor;

You must not wait for the company people to come back to you with the answer. You better go see the doctor first to make sure nothing is severe.

Inform WorkSafe BC.

Many workers give less attention to such information, but according to the law, any worker who has faced workplace accidents must report WorkSafe BC within the year. However, It is good to report soon after the accident.

Provide precise facts to avoid miscommunication;

You must report the facts whenever asked, especially these;

1. Date, and Time of the Accident?

2. Which Location it took place?

3. Your Job profile, and roles/ responsibility?

4. The time you felt pain or symptom of illness?

5. Suffering part of the body?

6. Any witnesses available at the time of the accident or has anyone seen you suffer pain or any other illness. construction accidents?

7. Name of the official person you informed about it and when (date)?

8. Symptoms occurred during working hours or outside the office as well?

9. Does WBC have accurate information to take action ahead?

Prepare yourself for the few actions:

After your appeal to WCB, you might get a decision letter or a phone call of their decision. It might mention the benefits and the type and duration of it. Sometimes their decision might not interest you, but they will provide the decision by giving a legitimate reason. If required, they might call you in person and talk.

How to prevent accidents in the workplace?

By taking safety tips, you can avoid unwanted accidents at the workplace.

First, do not work fast, just to finish tasks on time. Your health is much important that your reputation. Avoid taking shortcuts to finish the work before or at the time. If you see the task can’t happen on time, inform boss.

Second, as an employer, make sure every vehicle is checked and tested. Encourage employees to use a company’s cab.

Third, get dressed as per the weather conditions. It might be hot outside, but most companies have ACs installed. Do not come in direct contact with the AC after facing heat. Use cotton cloth around your face and neck to avoid contact from the sun. If possible set AC temperature according to your comfort level.

Employer’s Note-if your worker is working in an area where he has to face extreme heat, install ventilation systems to flow the air outside.

Fourth, perform drill activity for the sudden fire cases and create awareness amongst the employees.

Who to contact for Safety training programs?

Safety training programs by safety consulting

The ratio of Workplace accidents in Canada is high. Safety Consulting is a Canada based firm that runs occupational health and safety awareness and provides training. It also provides health and safety training Ontario and assist with WSIB services.


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Employers safety responsibilities for OH&S at Workplace in Canada

Elementary safety responsibilities of employers related to Occupational Health & Safety at Workplace in Canada.advice for employers

Health & Safety are two most vital aspects in working environment, loopholes in the same has caused demise of almost 18941 people from 1993 to 2013 in Canada and that is what has forced the government to enforce strict rules. However there might be slight difference in the implications of these laws throughout the country but the general elements of these rules are almost similar.

Let’s try to catch the glimpse of the basic rules & employers safety responsibilities enforced by the legislation for every organization to save human lives:


Government’s Responsibilities:

  • Measures for implementation of OH&S Legislation
  • Timely assessment of work place
  • Encouragement to training & research
  • Resolution of Disputes occurred
  • Propagation of law related information

Employer’s Safety Responsibilities:

  • Form & uphold a Joint Health & Safety Committee or a worker’s representative
  • Arrange for employee’s training to handle emergencies & harmful substances
  • Create cognizance of possible threats
  • Provide safety equipment and usage instructions
  • Report any type of injuries to OH&S handling government department
  • Employing an efficient &knowledgeable supervisor

Supervisor’s Responsibilities:

  • Confirm use of safety equipment provided to workers
  • Exercise reasonable precautions for avoiding dangerous circumstances
  • Aware workers of all actual and potential dangers
  • Fulfillment of all duties of employers imposed by the law

Employees Rights & Responsibilities:


  • Denial to work at a place that seems unsafe
  • Must know & understand all possible dangers of working at a place
  • Involvement in workplace health & safety activities through Joint Health & Safety Committee


  • Follow the OH&S Rules while working
  • Use of safety clothing & equipment provided
  • Reporting of any type of risks one has come across
  • Working in the manner described by the employer

Basic rules related to formation & maintenance of Health & Safety Committee:

  • Composition must include half of the management & minimum half of worker representatives
  • Regular Committee meetings
  • Shared Chairmanship by a management personnel and a worker’s representative
  • Election of representative by workers only

Roles of Health & Safety Committee:

  • Operate as a consultative body
  • Identify & stay informed of possible vulnerabilities
  • Involvement in mishap inquiries & workplace review
  • Suggest remedial arrangements
  • Resolve work refusal cases

Requirements in case of refusal to work:

  • Reporting by the employee to supervisor with reasons for such belief
  • Investigation by employee, supervisor and JHSC member
  • Calling of government health & safety inspector if problem remains unresolved
  • Actions after Investigation & final report by the government inspector

Legislation Enforcement:

Employer being responsible for the health & safety of employees is charged if anything goes wrong, for serious cases under section 217 even police or crown attorneys can be involved and charge employer with criminal negligence.

Local Authorities in a particular jurisdiction can be consulted for having more information about OH&S regulations.

Following so many errands without consulting specialists is not advice for employers, that’s why the role of expert professionals like Safety First has introduced in the picture.

In brief Safetyfirst consulting work includes:

Safetyfirst consulting

  • Confirm fulfillment of legal requirements related to workplace health & safety by clients
  • Conduction of training programs
  • Providing all health & safety products

Consultation with us will save you from all future workplace health & safety issues. At safety first consulting workplace health and safety Ontario our main purpose is to give full occupational health and safety training to workers for their work and what type of care must be taken when they deal with hazing tools. We have experience of eight years for doing this work and with passage of time we are succeed to make your workplace health and safety, we make health safety environment for both workers and clients.


What is Health and safety?

Workplace health and safety:

Workplace health and safety

Workplace health and safety is a very important issue and should not be taken lightly. These procedures are necessary for the well-being of every one (both the employees and the employers). As per the Occupational Safety and Health Administration each year many workers (employees) succumb to their injuries caused due to workplace accidents. The statistics gathered in 2012 showed us that close to 4628 workers met with fatal accidents at workplace in that year.

This is a very big figure and thus it is foolish to live under the false pretence that you are invincible and that nothing can happen to you at your work place. It is true that some workplaces are more risky than others, however it is necessary to take the proper precautions at all times no matter where you work. For example construction sites and mines are usually more prone to having workplace related accidents than any other workplace. In fact a very recent incident that took place in a mine in Turkey (in the month of May 2014) claimed the lives of more than 250 people. These were miners from all around the globe.

Health and Safety Hazards:

There is always the risk of employees being exposed to hazardous substances at the workplace (where such substances are used). In addition there are also several circumstances in which workplaces pose as major hazards to their employees. For example for employees working at places like constructions site there is always the danger of either some heavy material falling on the workers or machinery related injuries. Similarly working in mines is hazardous too.

These are just two simple examples but in the real world there are health and safety hazards in just about every profession in the form of infectious diseases or fatal injuries. There is rarely ever something like a 100% safe workplace. Thus it is the duty of the employer to make sure he identifies all the potential hazardous situations and materials and takes appropriate measure to safe guard his employees.

Health and Safety Enforcement:

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has the task of enforcing the strict laws pertaining to health and safety. It is their duty to make sure any violations of Workplace health and safety are corrected and properly dealt with. In general the government has several responsibilities some of which are mentioned here:

  • The enforcement of occupational health and safety rules and legislation.
  • Inspection of workplaces.
  • Ensure correct flow of information.
  • Promote the relevant training, education and research.

Health Guidelines for health and safety:

Like just about any other legislation or standard there are guidelines for the health and safety requirements too. These guidelines are meant for companies who are seeking information on how to develop their health and safety policies. Furthermore these guidelines are also aimed at helping workers better understand the importance of being prepared in event of a incident occurring at their workplace. It helps the workers understand how to react in emergency situations. The guidelines are truly comprehensive and even include information for the companies that work with dangerous chemicals and hazardous substances.

Employee Awareness At Workplace:

There are health and safety guidelines and then there are organizations that enforce the health and safety policies but unless the employees themselves realize what effect their small carelessness or failure to behave and work properly can have on their future and the future of the company they may not take such matters seriously. Thus it is vital that the employees understand the risks and potential outcomes of their actions. As the famous saying goes “The key to success is to focus our conscious mind on things we desire not things we fear”. It is the duty of the companies to make sure they prevent accidents by making sure the employees are fully aware of the dangers and hazards of the respective workplaces and not by hiding or blind sighting them.

Health and Safety Programs:

Health and Safety Programs help form the foundation to help the employees and employers alike for the necessary precautions that should taken and the dangers that lurk at every corner. Such programs make sure that the employers have all the information they need in order to be able to provide a safe and sound working environment for their employees. It also works for the employees by educating them on the benefit of proper workplace behaviour and practices. The programs try to hammer in the message that injuries and illness impact the companies and their employees in bad way and following systematic and proven procedures is the best way forward.

The cost of Safety failure:

In general the reason for an workplace incident is usually not enough preventive measure being taken, since it is safety first. Safety does not come after the accident has occurred. The workplace safety statistics paint a very murky picture; as per which in the year 2010/11 approximately 26.4 million working days were lost due to work related incidents. It would be naive to believe that this applies only to large industries because the small industries are equally at risk if not more.

System in place to manage Health & Safety:

There is a system in place that will come to the aid of the employees (and employers) in case of a workplace incident. But in an ideal world it should never come to that. In order to make sure that such kind of help and support is not required; and no incident occurs it is necessary for every company or industry to have a proper system in place. This system can be in the form of a health and safety policy which should ideally be on paper and if the resources do exist, even designate people to enforce the system.

Benefits of a good Health and Safety policy:

If you do have a good health and safety policy it can only mean one thing and that is that you have taken the first step towards safe guarding your employees. Having such a policy that is followed by all concerned has many benefits some of which are listed here:

  • Lesser requests for sick leave.
  • Lesser stress.
  • Better ability to cope with change.
  • An overall improvement in the morale.
  • An increase in productivity.
  • Greater job satisfaction.
  • Increase in the retention.
  • Fewer workplace incidents.
  • An overall improvement in the company image and culture.

Choosing to be safe with Safety First:

Safety First

Safety First is here to help you in every step from assessing the risks, to formation of a decent health and safety policy, to even helping train the employees and employers on the risks factors of their respective workplaces. Their certified health and safety consultant are fully qualified to make perfect assessments and provide the necessary help and consultation.

The professionals of Safety Consulting can show you how to navigate the sometimes technical and often confusing OSHA regulations. They can help you figure out what regulations apply in your workplace and what you need to do to comply.