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What every worker should know About The WSIB

What is wsib:

Millions and millions of people go to work every day. Every day there is some an incident of some kind involving a worker. The incident is at times an injury at the workplace, an illness due to the exposure to hazardous substance and at times it is even fatal. This is the sad reality of work place environment (safety) so you have to know about wsib claims for it. 

There are several statistics published every year on this topic. As per on such statistic approximately 4628 workers lost their lives due to workplace incidents in 2012. The figures speak for themselves and in spite of this there are some places that do not even consider providing workplace security and safety for the workers.

In an incident that occurred as recently as May 2014 in Turkey, more than 250 workers were injured in a mine accident. These were workers from many different countries besides Turkey.

So, In your mind what is wsib? WSIB (Workplace Safety & insurance Board) which used to be called Workers Compensation Board at one point in time plays a very big role in the case of any workplace accident. This is an Ontario government agency that helps both the employers and the employees (workers). Now that you know what is WSIB, this articles goes on to explain what is WSIB insurance, who is covered by WSIB, the coverage, cost and service in more detail.

Coverage provided by WSIB:

Basically WSIB provides workplace insurance, however it means different things to different people (workers and employers). As far as the employers are concerned if a work place injury does take place, then they need not be worried about getting sued by the workers (who are covered by WSIB). What it means for the workers ins quite different though.

In case of a workplace incident and in the condition where your claim has been approved, WSIB can provide loss of earnings benefit and coverage for health care costs who is covered by wsib. In addition to this they also provide support for getting you back to work. This may involve being assigned a different set of duties to suit your working abilities.

Who does WSIB Cover:

Who the WSIB cover is determined by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act. In general if your type of work is covered under the Act, then you are covered. The procedure involves the employer having to register themselves (Company) and pay a periodic premium in exchange for the coverage. WSIB is not mandatory for businesses thus it does not automatically apply to everyone. However you can choose to be covered by WSIB.

The Bill 119 or Mandatory Coverage in Construction:

This is pertaining to the changes made to the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act by the Ontario Government on January 1st 2013. As per this change it is mandatory for most workers in the construction industry to have a coverage with WSIB. If you need more information on this topic it is best to order a mandatory coverage brochure by sending your business name, address and the number of brochure you require to

The cost of the coverage:

The cost of the coverage is highly dependent on your earnings and the business activities. For example your business does not necessarily have to pay premiums based on 100% of your earnings. There is something like insurable earnings. However at the end of the day the insurable earnings depend on the type of business and thus it is something you may need to investigate further with all the relevant information. For example if you do construction work for only part of the year, you may not need to pay premiums on your earnings for the full year.

The role Safety First Consulting pays with WSIB:

Safety First Consulting

Safety First Consulting Professional Corporation is a licensed paralegal firm regulated by the Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC). Our paralegal team provides a widespread WSIB claims Ontario management system that is designed to reduce and control an employer’s costs associated with workplace injuries and illnesses. Our pro-active program begins at the point of occurrence and continues to the final resolution of the claim with a rapid response.

Safety First Consulting is a company that gives priority to safety of your company. They have a experienced team of dedicated professionals who are aware of every new and existing rule in the book and can prove to be an invaluable guide as far as WSIB is concerned. They make that extra effort to make sure everyone concerned is treated well. They offer a wide range of services, including help with WSIB.

To start with they can help you understand the original cost of your claim and the premiums that you need to pay as well. The information provided is usually very precise and in detail using standard techniques. This helps you make an informed decision on how to handle your claims management process. In addition to this they provide audit preparation service as per the requirements of WSIB. This includes mock audit and report remarking any variants pertaining to WSIB premium reporting and sorting.

Besides advising the clients on the policies and rules (of WSIB) they also provide representation at an audit meeting or review for a client, with the best interest of the client in mind. This is coupled with effective WSIB paralegal service regulated by the Law Society of Upper Canada. provides you details regarding health and safety training for business organisations. At Safety First Consulting, the health and safety of your company is our priority. With a team of expert, dedicated professionals, Safety First will give your company the assistance it requires in order to achieve complete compliance with government health and safety regulations.