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Good Health and Workplace Safety Has a Lot of Benefits

Workplace Safety

Workplace health and safety is for the benefit of everyone concerned from the employees to the employers and other concerned people. There are a few occupations that have very high risk and often have a high number of incidents. At the same time there are occupations that register very few to no incidents. However work place safety is a good practice and should be implemented at all places.

In spite of all the necessary precautions there are many fatal accidents each year. At times these are due to the worker error, lack of training, but they are also often due to negligence by the employees. Here are few statistics that will help paint the right picture.

Health and Safety statistics at Workplace:

  • The statistics published in 2012 showed that approximately 4628 workers were killed in workplace incidents that year.
  • A more recent figure is when more than 250 miners were killed in a mine in Turkey about a year ago in May 2014. These were workers from all round the world including Turkey.

Benefits of Good Health and Safety:

Benefits of Good Health and Safety

An organizations has many issues to deal with and the bigger it gets the number of issues increase. From issues relating to the main product of the organization to administrative and general relations issues, it is understandable that the management or executives of the company may not have enough time to devote to the issues like health and safety. This is often overlooked or postponed due to the over confidence in their infrastructure and work methods. Needless to say that is a very big mistake since this is an issue that needs to be addressed first either by the management themselves or via hired help. The benefits of doing this are endless:

  • Improvements in employee productivity.
  • Reduce in cost of the employees as far as health care or disability is concerned.
  • Better work environment and less incidents means the employees with have fewer if not no reasons to take leaves.
  • This also means decrease in the number of illness and injuries at the workplace.
  • Improves the overall corporate image of the firm.
  • This improves employee retention as well as encourages other skilled employees to consider working with you.
  • This helps create an environment of care and support thus helps in improving trust and teamwork.

How Safety First can help:

Safety First

Safety First is one of the few firms that has the experience and means to help organizations in the matter of health and safety. Their courses are specially structured to help employees gain a better understanding of their respective working environments and thus prevent and incident from occurring. They have a strong team of certified health and safety consultant that can help businesses of all sizes and a wide range of industries as well. Their certified professionals are capable of providing all the necessary help and support to many different types of businesses; hence no matter what your business you are sure to receive plenty of workplace safety tips.

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Occupational health and safety program

Basic Elements of OH&S Program:

We hear bad news quite frequently in the newspaper or on TV about a fatal accident at a work place. This is a fact of life and comes from working at risky and highly dangerous environments. But it can be prevented and it is important for everyone to know especially the young work force, that measures are being taken in the form of a occupational health and safety program to keep people safe.

This may bring a lot questions to your mind like below:

  • What is an occupational health and safety program?
  • What does a health and safety officer do?
  • What is occupational safety?

These are perfectly common questions the answers to which you will figure out when you get to the end of this article.

Responsibilities of management:

  • Making sure the workplace is safe from any hazards and that there is no potential health risk.
  • A health and safety program is a must for every organization and is usually up to the management to arrange that.
  • It is also the responsibility of the management to ensure that the workers receive the appropriate training and are certified.
  • Make available the appropriate protective material.
  • Provide the workers as well as the supervisors the health and safety information.
  • Monitoring the supervisors in terms of their attitude towards health and safety.

Responsibilities of a Safety Coordinator

  • Provide vital information regarding health and safety issues to the employees.
  • Being the person who binds all the health and safety activities that take place throughout the firm.
  • Keeping a note of the health and safety issues in the form of statistics.
  • Researching issues in question and providing expert training to the employees

The purpose of the workplace health and safety committee:

A workplace health and safety committee is required to establish an effective safety program. This usually requires the cooperation of all the employees. Depending on the size of the organization such a committee is mandatory. In order to function at its best a committee requires the appropriate structure, a clear purpose and list of duties and follow standard procedure when it comes to meetings. Doing this forms a committee that is very effective at dealing with any issues of health and safety at the work place.

Establishing the correct work procedure:

The correct work procedure is established by laying out the safest method to do a job, provide job instructions and even monitor the performance and accident investigation if the need be.

It is important to carry out a job hazard analysis to start with. Here are few steps to follow:

  • Select the job.
  • Break the job down into several sequence of steps and small tasks.
  • Identify the hazards in each step
  • Establish the preventive measures.

The reason it is necessary to establish the correct work procedure are quite simple in fact. To start with it is required by the government to do so. Rules are necessary to protect the health and safety of the workers. In fact the compliance to the health and safety rules should ideally be considered as a condition for employment in the first place. The basic mail would be as listed below:

  • Make sure the employee is aware of the rules
  • Make sure the employees to obey the rules since it is for their own benefit.

The employee orientation program:

The orientation of an employee is very important and it applies to every workplace. The employee may be fit and qualified for a job however that does not mean he is already aware of the ways of this new work place. Every work place in general has a unique environment and ways of handling things. At times there a subtle thing that go unsaid and are not understood by the new employee simply because there is no orientation. Things like these can lead to a big issue and even a fatal accident.

Hence the employee orientation a must and here are few safety related issues that should always be included in the program;

  • The workplace emergency procedures.
  • Location of the first aid stations.
  • Responsibilities related to health and safety of themselves and other co-workers.
  • The hazards present at the work place.
  • The correct and safe method followed for every procedure and instrument or machine.

Designing a Training program:

The training program for health and safety is necessary to raise awareness. It is vital that the employees are aware of the perils at their work place and how it is possible for them to stay safe. They should be informed about the precautions to take and the consequences of not doing so. In fact it is important to use statistics available or published publically, to help drive in the point.

For example the recently published statistics show that approximately 4620 people lost their lives at the work place in the year 2012. This is fairly recent and still the count is quite high. In an even more recent incident more than 250 miners lost their lives in Turkey in May 2014 due to an incident at a mine. This included workers from all around the world.

It is not always the fault of a worker that an accident occurs. For example in Turkey it was found a safety inspection which was long overdue had not been conducted by the officials.

Either way it is important the workers have the proper training to prevent an incident of any kind.

The government lays out the topics that should be general included a health and safety training session.

Why Safety First?

Safety first is one firm that is well placed to help organizations on the subject of health and safety. In fact Safety First has several industrial safety training courses to offer so that all concerned in an office or a factory have a better understanding of the same. The have a certified team of safety professionals and safety professional consultants who have a lot of experience and have developed an eye to spot danger from a mile away.

Safety First Consulting

The professionals at Safety First Consulting can show you how to navigate the sometimes technical and often confusing OSHA regulations with occupational health and safety training. They can help you figure out what regulations apply in your workplace and what you need to do to comply. Just know About us, take one of our classes, or request a Contact us form.

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Workplace Safety – The fact that you need to know

Workplace Safety – The fact :

Workplace Safety

Here are some gruesome true facts to hammer in the point. The statistics made public show that in 2012 approximately 4628 workers met with fatal accidents while at their workplace. A more recent true story is about the mining disaster that occurred in May 2014 in Turkey. This is an incident in which more than 250 miners from many different countries around the world including Turkey lost their lives. The sad truth about this incident is that a review of the safety of the miners was initiated approximately 3 – 4 months prior to the incident but it did not take place since it was deemed unnecessary by the authorities. There no more fitting quote than is for something like this – “We must respect the past, and mistrust the present, if we wish to provide for the safety of the future.”

A workplace is not a place where you go to feel safe and sound, it is simply a workplace. Moreover depending on the nature of the work there are varying degrees of risks involved while on the job. I do not mean to scare you or make you feel uncomfortable at your workplace. But it is vital to treat a workplace like a workplace, and stay alert for potential disasters. This applied to all the workplaces and is more obvious is some than it is in the others. For example the mining industry as well as the construction industry tend to have a high fatally rate due to incidents occurring while at work. The other workplaces not as much. But the sad part is disasters don’t come with a warning bell hence the best chance of surviving a disaster is to always stay alert and follow safe practices.

Workplace Safety:

There are many laws in place that are meant to enforce workplace safety. In fact workplace health and safety is an issue that should be foremost in the minds of the employers. To ensure this there have been several measures taken by several governing bodies. There are also support centres in place that assist the workplace to become as safe and secure as possible. Although in the event of a incident such bodies support the quick employee recovery as well as cover the employer from being sued by the employee.

But at the end of the day who knows the workplace better than the very people who work there. Thus the Canada Labour Code let the employees and the employers play a major role in identifying and resolving their respective health and safety concerns. This has been designed in a hope to help the employers and employees be more self reliant and alert in dealing with workplace safety topics.

Being prepared for the worst as an Employee:

Workplace health and safety is an important issue for the employer but that is not where it starts. It is important that as an employee that you make sure you take all the necessary percussions towards ensuring you prevent any work related injuries. The safety of oneself and other colleagues should be high on list of priorities. Besides which it is necessary that you be aware of a few facts mentioned below:

  • You have the right to refuse the work if it seems dangerous.
  • You can also intervene in the safety issues related to your colleagues.
  • In the case where an employee is pregnant or nursing, you are entitled to some special considerations.
  • You not only have a right to inquire about the Labour program’s handling of health and safety complaints but you should even make sure to you do.

Employee’s right to know:

Workplace safety training is an important factor to making sure there are no incidents at the workplace. Hence the employer is entitled to arrange for a general session for their employees that involves matters of health and safety training. There are many companies that incorporate health and safety training in their employee initiating procedure. There are also other companies that regularly organize such sessions to ensure the safety of their employees. In either case, it is important for you as an employee to be aware of the necessity of some form of work place safety training, that provides you with the workplace safety tips. Employees with special needs in case of disabilities are also catered for.

Besides this you as an employee can also access the official employee reports related to health and safety and considering the workplace safety facts, it is a good idea to do so.

Employee’s right to participate:

The health and safety representatives have a right to participate in identifying and correcting any work related health and safety concern as do the health and safety committee or policy health and safety committee members. In fact in larger companies where the strength of the employees is close to 300 and more, the employers are required to put in place an policy health and safety committee. This is committee is intended to handle organization wide issues. The employees also have a right to participate in the resolution process of any internal complaints.

Employee’s right to refuse:

Just because you are an employee doesn’t mean you have to do everything that is thrown at you. You have every right to refuse the work if you have reason to believe that it is dangerous. There are several situations where this is applicable as listed below:

  • The workplace is clearly too dangerous to work in.
  • The machine or instrument can potentially cause harm to yourself or a fellow employee.
  • The task that has been assigned can cause harm to yourself or other fellow employees.

Your duties as an employee:

Workplace safety rules are often exist in many workplaces to ensure the safety of the employees and make sure that the supervisors have an organized set of employees to manage and ensure safety. In spite of that there are several duties of an employee as listed here:

  • The employee must at all times use safety materials, equipment, devices and clothing that has been provide by the employer and is intended to keep the employee safe.
  • It is likely that several procedures are in place at the workplace to insure the safety of all. It is necessary that as an employee you follow these procedures.
  • Any instructions explicitly give by the employer concerning the health and safety of all involved should always be followed.
  • It is also necessary to co-operate with other employees who are carrying out their duties by adhering to the health and safety rules.
  • In the case where the task or environment gets too risky or hazardous to work in, it is necessary to report it to the employer.
  • All the workplace incidents, or occupational diseases or hazardous occurrences should always be reported even if they are about other fellow employees.

The responsibilities of the Employer:

The employer is a place where he has both the knowledge and the means to take all the preventive measure necessary to avoid any workplace accidents and injuries. In addition to which the employers are also legally obligated to do so. Employers often arrange workplace safety groups where the necessary information and training is provided to ensure the employees can perform their jobs safely. But that is not all, the employers also need to make sure the managers, supervisors and the health and safety committees and representatives perform their jobs safely. Besides which the obligations of the employer also extend to the investigation, inspections, accident reporting and hazard prevention program.

The employer’s duties to provide information, training and supervision:

The employer has several duties towards the employees. They need to ensure that the employees have the necessary information, training and supervision to perform their duties. The employers need to make sure of the following:

  • The employees have an understanding of the overall work safety procedure.
  • The employees have all the required knowledge and training to use the workplace tools and equipment.
  • The employees are aware of all the potential things that can go wrong as well as all the potentially dangerous conditions. In addition to which they should also know what to do when things go wrong.
  • The training sessions provided should also include documentation.

It is not enough that the employees take all the necessary precaution. The managers and the supervisors also need to understand their duties and be aware of the necessary hazards to be able to guide the other employees. The employers must also ensure that the health and safety committees or representatives are aware of their duties as mentioned here:

  • Maintain regular meetings to review the safety.
  • Arrange regular inspections to insure the safety.
  • Active participation in accident investigations and hazard analysis.

Employer Investigation:

It is little known that the employer is also legally required (by The Canada Labour Code) to initiate investigation in several situations as mentioned here:

  • Any employee complaints.
  • Any employee refusals to work
  • Any employee accidents or injuries.


Employers do the training and make their employees aware of the risks involved and potential dangers at the workplace. But that is not enough. Regular inspections are key to ensuring the potential occupational health and safety hazards are spotted before they become a cause of any big incident. In fact it is legally required to carry out regular inspections by the health and safety committee.

It is important to make note of the fact that in case when any hazard is identified, the health and safety committee is not authorized to take any actions. They are required to report it to the employer. However the employer is entitled to provide a written response regarding the discovery of the hazard to the committee within 30 days which should mention how the issue will be resolved.

The investigation and reporting of accidents at workplace:

When it comes to investigating and reporting accidents, it is necessary to be thorough. Doing so helps all involved to take preventive measures to prevent such incidents in the future. Thus by reporting every such small incident you are not only making your company a safer workplace but also providing important information regarding potential disasters for others and saving many lives.

It is in fact legally required by the employee to submit a written investigation report for any employee with temporary or permanent disabling injuries within 14 days of it occurring.

Besides which there are also two annual reports to be submitted by the employers like, Employee Annual Hazardous Occurrence report and work place committee report.

Being Safe with Safety First:

Safety First Consulting

Safety First is of the few firms with the moto of safety first that provide full workplace health and safety service. It is a Canadian firm in Ontario who’s first priority is workplace safety. This is the reason why they have been so successful in the past and are likely to continue to do so in the future.

They have a team of certified health and safety consultant with experience in several different types of businesses and different sizes as well. The adhere to the government legislations and regulations and make sure their clients too are up to speed with the latest updates in this matter.

They are basically there to help and during their first contact with make a thorough study of your firm to understand the health and safety requirement, leaving no stone unturned. That is the reason why they are so good.

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Sophie MooreSophie Moore is a Digital Marketing Analyst, in charge of many digital marketing projects that involve SEO, Social Media and mobile web strategy. Moore has a background in IT, strong experience on website development and web interface, degrees in both traditional and digital marketing at Duke University, North Carolina.

Moore has a wide experience of internet projects and keeps herself up to date with the latest technologies and trends. Moore always explains that social media is her passion, SEO a motivation and a dynamic challenge where she is involved every day.

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Things cover under workplace health and safety?

1. What is Workplace Health & Safety Policy?
2. Guide to Workplace Health & Safety Programs
3. Must know work place health and safety matter
4. Observing health and safety at workplace

1. What is Workplace Health & Safety Policy?

  • A workplace health and safety policy is a document that consists of the responsibilities of the employer, supervisors as well as the workers towards keeping the workplace safe, secure and accident free.
  • The main aim of this policy is to express the employer’s commitment towards health and safety. Furthermore it is in fact required by companies with more than five employees to develop a health and safety policy.
  • With an occupational health and safety policy in place the workers are entitled to several benefits in case of an accident. The nature of the benefit would depend on the severity of the injury.
  • The benefits could include medical, hospital and rehabilitation expenses. It is also extended towards death benefits and funeral expenses.
  • A workplace health and safety policy is in fact one of the most important policies in an organization. Furthermore an effective safety committee can help greatly reduce workplace injuries.

2. Guide to Workplace Health & Safety Programs:

  • A workplace health and safety program is meant to provide a clear outline of the responsibilities and accountability for all workers regarding health and safety in the workplace.
  • It is necessary for the employer to develop and implement such the set of workplace health and safety guidelines that will effectively help reduce injuries and costs. In addition to which it also helps defend the employer against charges pertaining to injuries suffered at the workplace.
  • Such a program helps identify potential hazards. It makes it easy to break up the critical tasks into simpler and manageable steps. This helps to control and eliminate the hazards steps in each step.
  • This will specify the right way of performing every task. It helps the organization develop a detailed and organized approach to handing any incident in order to minimize the damage caused.
  • This includes emergency response procedures. The program also helps establish the training and orientation requirements.

3. Must know work place health and safety matter:

  • The safety of the employees is a chief concern of the organization. Thus it is necessary that the organization has specific procedures in place to ensure their employees have the correct knowledge on how to operate all the devices at workplace.
  • It is also necessary for the organization to assess the risk level at work, eliminate risks and educate the employees regarding the risks involved. That said, in case of an accident it is necessary that it is reported immediately no matter how small.
  • If the injury requires medical attention it should be given by authorized personnel.

4. Observing health and safety at workplace:

  • The business owners and managers must have a clear picture of all the rules pertaining to health and safety of their employees at the workplace. They should also make sure that the proper procedures are being implemented by the workers.
  • It is necessary to make sure that the supervisors are well aware of the workplace health and safety rules and regulations to be capable of guiding the workers as and when required.