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Workplace Safety Tips for all Employees and Employers

Workplace safety is important for all professions and industries. It is more important for some like the constructions industry and mining industry to name a few; however, it is necessary be aware and follow safe procedures in all workplaces. Doing so ensures your own safety and the safety of fellow staff members.

Workplace safety tips to keep in mind and avoid slips or falls:

Workplace safety tips

  • Workplaces can have unexpected spills or leaks especially construction sites and other similar workplaces. Hence it is a good idea to watch you step and look at the space in from while walking.
  • Workplace spills can be a cause of fatal incidents. Thus any accidental spills or leaks should immediately be brought to the notice of the appropriate personnel.
  • In workplaces like petroleum industry and other workplace that use toxic material it is a good idea to wear special boots. Depending on the type of industry special boots are available to protect against skidding and even stepping on toxic substances.
  • When reaching for items at a height it is vital to use the designated ladders to do so.
  • Leaning on railings on a roof or on staircase or and similar place can be disastrous especially at a construction site.
  • When working at great heights with no support it is advisable to use a safety harness.

Health and Safety tips at Workplace when lifting heavy items

  • When lifting heavy items manually, be sure to check how heavy it is. This way you can be aware of how much exertion it will take and even prevent from back injuries.
  • It is a good idea to wear easy and non-skid shoes when lifting heavy items.
  • Follow proper methods when lifting heavy items. The right way to pick up a box is to bend at the knees while keeping the back straight and not to bend at the waist.
  • Avoid jerks when lifting heavy items.

Workplace safety tips for fire safety

  • Every work place should have a fire plan, so that in case of a fire there is no confusion or incidents. Fire drills are the best way to prepare everyone in case of an emergency.
  • Many chemicals can be the cause of a fire. Hence special chemicals and even cleaning chemicals should be kept at a proper place and proper manner. The place should be well ventilated and far from any flammable material or sparks.
  • It is a good idea to mark the fire extinguishers clearly so that it is clearly visible at all times.
  • There are few fires that cannot be extinguished with water. This includes oil fires, grease fires, etc.

Safety Training with Safety First

Safety Training with Safety FirstSafety Training with Safety First

  • Safety first consulting offers several workplace health and safety training services. They provide every kind of assistance in order to be compliant with the government regulations and to make sure that the workplace is safe.
  • They many types of services like health and safety programs that include inspections, workplace safety policy development, first aid training, basic supervision techniques and more.
  • With a highly skilled and certified team of safety consultants, Safety first is the ideal firm to help meet your workplace safety requirements.

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Good Health and Workplace Safety Has a Lot of Benefits

Workplace Safety

Workplace health and safety is for the benefit of everyone concerned from the employees to the employers and other concerned people. There are a few occupations that have very high risk and often have a high number of incidents. At the same time there are occupations that register very few to no incidents. However work place safety is a good practice and should be implemented at all places.

In spite of all the necessary precautions there are many fatal accidents each year. At times these are due to the worker error, lack of training, but they are also often due to negligence by the employees. Here are few statistics that will help paint the right picture.

Health and Safety statistics at Workplace:

  • The statistics published in 2012 showed that approximately 4628 workers were killed in workplace incidents that year.
  • A more recent figure is when more than 250 miners were killed in a mine in Turkey about a year ago in May 2014. These were workers from all round the world including Turkey.

Benefits of Good Health and Safety:

Benefits of Good Health and Safety

An organizations has many issues to deal with and the bigger it gets the number of issues increase. From issues relating to the main product of the organization to administrative and general relations issues, it is understandable that the management or executives of the company may not have enough time to devote to the issues like health and safety. This is often overlooked or postponed due to the over confidence in their infrastructure and work methods. Needless to say that is a very big mistake since this is an issue that needs to be addressed first either by the management themselves or via hired help. The benefits of doing this are endless:

  • Improvements in employee productivity.
  • Reduce in cost of the employees as far as health care or disability is concerned.
  • Better work environment and less incidents means the employees with have fewer if not no reasons to take leaves.
  • This also means decrease in the number of illness and injuries at the workplace.
  • Improves the overall corporate image of the firm.
  • This improves employee retention as well as encourages other skilled employees to consider working with you.
  • This helps create an environment of care and support thus helps in improving trust and teamwork.

How Safety First can help:

Safety First

Safety First is one of the few firms that has the experience and means to help organizations in the matter of health and safety. Their courses are specially structured to help employees gain a better understanding of their respective working environments and thus prevent and incident from occurring. They have a strong team of certified health and safety consultant that can help businesses of all sizes and a wide range of industries as well. Their certified professionals are capable of providing all the necessary help and support to many different types of businesses; hence no matter what your business you are sure to receive plenty of workplace safety tips.


What is Health and safety?

Workplace health and safety:

Workplace health and safety

Workplace health and safety is a very important issue and should not be taken lightly. These procedures are necessary for the well-being of every one (both the employees and the employers). As per the Occupational Safety and Health Administration each year many workers (employees) succumb to their injuries caused due to workplace accidents. The statistics gathered in 2012 showed us that close to 4628 workers met with fatal accidents at workplace in that year.

This is a very big figure and thus it is foolish to live under the false pretence that you are invincible and that nothing can happen to you at your work place. It is true that some workplaces are more risky than others, however it is necessary to take the proper precautions at all times no matter where you work. For example construction sites and mines are usually more prone to having workplace related accidents than any other workplace. In fact a very recent incident that took place in a mine in Turkey (in the month of May 2014) claimed the lives of more than 250 people. These were miners from all around the globe.

Health and Safety Hazards:

There is always the risk of employees being exposed to hazardous substances at the workplace (where such substances are used). In addition there are also several circumstances in which workplaces pose as major hazards to their employees. For example for employees working at places like constructions site there is always the danger of either some heavy material falling on the workers or machinery related injuries. Similarly working in mines is hazardous too.

These are just two simple examples but in the real world there are health and safety hazards in just about every profession in the form of infectious diseases or fatal injuries. There is rarely ever something like a 100% safe workplace. Thus it is the duty of the employer to make sure he identifies all the potential hazardous situations and materials and takes appropriate measure to safe guard his employees.

Health and Safety Enforcement:

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has the task of enforcing the strict laws pertaining to health and safety. It is their duty to make sure any violations of Workplace health and safety are corrected and properly dealt with. In general the government has several responsibilities some of which are mentioned here:

  • The enforcement of occupational health and safety rules and legislation.
  • Inspection of workplaces.
  • Ensure correct flow of information.
  • Promote the relevant training, education and research.

Health Guidelines for health and safety:

Like just about any other legislation or standard there are guidelines for the health and safety requirements too. These guidelines are meant for companies who are seeking information on how to develop their health and safety policies. Furthermore these guidelines are also aimed at helping workers better understand the importance of being prepared in event of a incident occurring at their workplace. It helps the workers understand how to react in emergency situations. The guidelines are truly comprehensive and even include information for the companies that work with dangerous chemicals and hazardous substances.

Employee Awareness At Workplace:

There are health and safety guidelines and then there are organizations that enforce the health and safety policies but unless the employees themselves realize what effect their small carelessness or failure to behave and work properly can have on their future and the future of the company they may not take such matters seriously. Thus it is vital that the employees understand the risks and potential outcomes of their actions. As the famous saying goes “The key to success is to focus our conscious mind on things we desire not things we fear”. It is the duty of the companies to make sure they prevent accidents by making sure the employees are fully aware of the dangers and hazards of the respective workplaces and not by hiding or blind sighting them.

Health and Safety Programs:

Health and Safety Programs help form the foundation to help the employees and employers alike for the necessary precautions that should taken and the dangers that lurk at every corner. Such programs make sure that the employers have all the information they need in order to be able to provide a safe and sound working environment for their employees. It also works for the employees by educating them on the benefit of proper workplace behaviour and practices. The programs try to hammer in the message that injuries and illness impact the companies and their employees in bad way and following systematic and proven procedures is the best way forward.

The cost of Safety failure:

In general the reason for an workplace incident is usually not enough preventive measure being taken, since it is safety first. Safety does not come after the accident has occurred. The workplace safety statistics paint a very murky picture; as per which in the year 2010/11 approximately 26.4 million working days were lost due to work related incidents. It would be naive to believe that this applies only to large industries because the small industries are equally at risk if not more.

System in place to manage Health & Safety:

There is a system in place that will come to the aid of the employees (and employers) in case of a workplace incident. But in an ideal world it should never come to that. In order to make sure that such kind of help and support is not required; and no incident occurs it is necessary for every company or industry to have a proper system in place. This system can be in the form of a health and safety policy which should ideally be on paper and if the resources do exist, even designate people to enforce the system.

Benefits of a good Health and Safety policy:

If you do have a good health and safety policy it can only mean one thing and that is that you have taken the first step towards safe guarding your employees. Having such a policy that is followed by all concerned has many benefits some of which are listed here:

  • Lesser requests for sick leave.
  • Lesser stress.
  • Better ability to cope with change.
  • An overall improvement in the morale.
  • An increase in productivity.
  • Greater job satisfaction.
  • Increase in the retention.
  • Fewer workplace incidents.
  • An overall improvement in the company image and culture.

Choosing to be safe with Safety First:

Safety First

Safety First is here to help you in every step from assessing the risks, to formation of a decent health and safety policy, to even helping train the employees and employers on the risks factors of their respective workplaces. Their certified health and safety consultant are fully qualified to make perfect assessments and provide the necessary help and consultation.

The professionals of Safety Consulting can show you how to navigate the sometimes technical and often confusing OSHA regulations. They can help you figure out what regulations apply in your workplace and what you need to do to comply.