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Working at Heights – What has Changed?

Working at Heights Training Program Standard:

Working at Heights Training

Work place safety is important for just about any type of industry and hence the safety standards have increased over the past few years. However one of the largest cause of fatalities and injuries occurs while working at heights. Some of the most common cases of working from heights are that of falls from ladders and unstable surfaces. Hence special care is required to be taken for employees working at heights.

Besides making better plans and having better safety in place and taking all the necessary precautions it is not mandatory to train the employees working at heights.

The Change:

As of 1st April 2015 the Ministry of Labor has established that mandatory training for Fall Protection is necessary for the employees to which it applies. Work places often have a lot of systems in place to prevent accidents like fall protection restraints, fall restricting systems, safety nets, etc. However it is now necessary provide the appropriate training as well.

But that is not all, the employee once trained will receive a certificate which is valid for only 3 years, after which, the training has to be repeated.

Tips on working at heights:

Although it is now mandatory to undergo training, that does not automatically make one safer. The employees and the firm will still need to take extra effort while working at heights to make sure of the safety of all involved.

Hence here are few tips on how to get it right.

  • As far as possible complete the task from the ground level.
  • While working at a height, it is necessary to ensure that in case of an accident, it is possible to access the high area rapidly.
  • Besides while it is also necessary to ensure that the right protective equipment is being used.
  • Never overload the ladders, instead find alternative methods of doing things with the help of special tools.
  • A ladder will usually have an overreach, make sure the risk is minimized here.
  • It is important where you place a ladder as well. For example never place a ladder against a glazing or plastic surface.
  • A ladder should ideally be used for some of the lighter tasks and not for hours together. The ideal time to use a ladder at one stretch is 30 minutes.
  • Never allow a newbie with no training of working at height to perform a task at a great height.

Being Safe with Safety First:

Safety Consulting

Safety First provides full workplace health and safety service. Safety First in Ontario is a Canadian firm and their first priority is workplace safety. Their highly skilled team of certified safety professionals implement the highest level of health and safety practices in the construction workplace. In fact they also provide the best training which also includes working at heights training Ontario. Their team of registered professionals trainers (RPT) provide the correct guidance to establish a construction safety training system that abides by all the government regulations, legislations and standards and is tailored for your company. It is thus a little wonder that they have been so successful in the past and continue to do so.

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