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Respiratory Fit Test – Methods and Need

In Canada, Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) needs to be adapted on both regional and national level. According to the minimum requirement set for this standard needs to be fulfilled. This standard intends to make sure that workers in risky environments are being prevented from deadly ingredients, like; contaminants, particulates, vapours, and toxins. These components have the ability to harm workers, or kill easily. Health and Safety program ensures the respirators are fitted properly on the workers’ face. Each day thousands of workers take a risk and perform dangerous tasks. In that case it is their employer’s duty to introduce a standard that implements the safety program and training in the organization to avoid and loss. Implementation of OHS not only helps workers, but prevents any financial loss likely to happen due to any unwanted accident.

The blog figures out the need and methods that fulfils respirator fit test requirements set by OSHA Standard.

What is a respirator fit test?

A respirator fit testing is a procedure to determine whether the respirator worn by worker fits his face and mouth and, comfortable. This test is of two types;

1. Qualitative, and
2. Quantitative

And according to respiratory fit test from OSHA, both the types use different methods of testing.

The Qualitative Respirator test checks your sense of smelling and taste. There are four methods;

  • Isoamyl acetate, it gives an odor of banana
  • Saccharin, it gives your mouth a sweet taste
  • Bitrex, bitter taste
  • Irritant smoke, likely to cause cough

The Quantitative Respirator test uses three methods;

  • Generated aerosol
  • Ambient aerosol; and
  • Controlled Negative Pressure

Need of Respirator fit test

OSHA strictly forces to use this test in the industries where workers are likely to be contaminated due to deadly leakage while performing the task. The worker is required to wear respirators which fits to their face properly. Workers with beard are forced to wear tightly fitted respirators. During the respirator fit test training the model and size of a respirator according to the face shape is determined.

Where can I get a respirator fit test done?

Safety First Consulting for respiratory fit test training

Safety First Consulting believes in providing health and safety assistance to the various organizations. Their programs like Occupational Health and Safety services, WSIB services and health and safety training programs are compliant to government. They provide respiratory fit test training to the organization where workers working the hazardous zones each day.

It is a TSSA accredited training provider. Their training providers are; CHSC, CPTA, Habitat for Humanity and etc.