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5 Workplace Discrimination That You Were Unaware Of

What is discrimination in the workplace?

Discrimination in office is not a new thing. Several times it has been seenthat people complaint about being harassed by their co-workers or senior level. The judiciousness of Human Resources team is proved when they are able to extract the information from both the parties and reach some conclusion. Many companies have faced legal battles with their workers for not coming up with the rationalized conclusion.

A person can experience many types of harassment and it is very difficult todetermine what constitutes discrimination in the workplace? So here we are. We will learn the types of discrimination in the workplaces.

Payroll Discrimination in the workplace

Payroll Discrimination

According to a survey a company has to let go their manager for not being fair during the interview process where each candidate was equally talented, experienced, and drawing almost same payroll in their current organization. According to the manager, male candidates should get a higher a salaries because they tend to stay for longer. Women, on the other hand, might leave as soon they have to get married and leave the location. The case against the manager was immediately taken by the HR and they had to let her go.

Sexual discrimination in the workplaceSexual discrimination in the workplace

This is the most common and more frequently heard the complaint. Not only women but men also are victims of this type of harassment. A few brave dare to raise their voice and ask for strict actions against the guilty. Still many people keep mum to avoid humiliation or fear of being found guilty instead. This silence gives boost to the guilty and such cases keep happening in the workplace.

Nation/Location Based discrimination in the workplace

In my previous organization, I met a man who had recently joined the office. He was from the next state and would hardly gel up with the locals. A few weeks later he lodged a complaint to the HR team for being bullied and discriminated by the fellow workers. In the corporate hubs, these cases are hardly seen as people from difference states and cultures are found on one floor, but smaller cities have many issues like that.

Racial Discrimination in the workplace

Racial Discrimination

I really would not like to take names that local people tag people from the other states of the country. This has become an international issue where guilty is not forgiven in any case. The victim has all rights to lodge a complaint against the racist. Right from the celebrities and the common maneveryone has faced racism when traveling to the different country. Not only the workplace but also on roads emigrates hate being tagged for their color.

Age Discrimination in the workplace

Age Discrimination

The generation gap is something which hardly gets gel up. In workplace itself a person more than 40 years are discriminated by giving lesser payrolls, deleting them from the training, monthly/weekly parties and etc.

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