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Your guide to WSIB claims management

What is WSIB claims management?WSIB claims management

We all wish that while working at our respective workplaces that it never comes to the situation when you require to make a claim due to an injury. The sad truth is that every year many people lose their lives to fatal accidents that occur at workplaces. There are some workplaces that are more hazardous than others however it is better to be safe than sorry. Hence the safety measures should always be followed no matter how hazardous the workplace might be.

In the case where an accident does occur however there are several systems in place to help all involved. There are not many companies where there a WSIB Claims management training program is organized. However here is a short and sweet guide to make your life easier in the event of an accident and having to make WSIB claims.

  • Being aware of the roles and responsibilities of all concerned: Many different officials play very important roles when it comes to claim management. It starts with the supervisors who are immediately responsible for the employee and also includes the union head. The physician first consulted as well as the doctor who treats the wounded and lastly the colleagues of the injured employee, all have their set of responsibilities towards an injured employee and have a role to play.
  • Thus it is the responsibility of the employer to make sure he has defined the roles and responsibilities for all concerned.
  • Explaining the roles and responsibilities to respective personnel: For better and smoother claims management it advisable to make that extra effort in making sure that the respective personnel understand their role and responsibilities.
  • It is one thing to clearly to have a clear definition of the roles and responsibilities of all involved and another thing to make sure they understand them. At times it is also necessary to train the personnel to some extent and it is always healthy to maintain good communication.
  • Documenting the incidents: Documenting incidents that occur at the workplace is good practice. This can help when making a claim besides which a certain amount of documentation is required as per the legislation.
  • There are many advantages of documenting every little thing. If an incident is to small to be reported documenting it makes sense for future reference and in case the situation escalates. Besides this documentation is a very important guide to the many things that can possibly go wrong.
  • Reporting everything: Not every incident that occurs at a workplace is reported. It is quite normal for the employer and the employee involved in the incident to overlook a minor accident and thus it will go unreported. This is in fact a wrong attitude. It is not the employees or employers decision to make. Hence it is necessary to report every single incident that occurs no matter how minor it is and irrespective of whether you wish to make a claim.
  • Do not coach employees: In case of an accident and employee has the option of making a claim. An employer can advises his employees and provide them with all the necessary information required to make a claim too. But an employee by no means can interfere in deciding whether it is fit for the employee to make a claim or not.
  • Treating all claims equally (work and non work): It is best for the company policy to include a rule that makes sure that even if an employee is injured while he was not on the job he received all the assistance that is required. This simplifies the process of the return to work program that every company usually maintains without complicating the matters.
  • Playing favorites: When it comes to providing assistance to the injured employee in any way there should never be any bias. There may some employees who are popular and well liked by many but they by no means are entitled to any favoritism when it comes to helping them recover from their injuries.
  • Maintaining such a policy will help maintain a good atmosphere in any company.
    Sticking to the targets set: When a claim is made and approved that is not the end of the matters. The WSIB also assists the employee getting back to work. They work hand in hand with the respective employers to make the process of getting back to work for the injured employee as easy as possible.
  • Comprehensive documentation: Documentation is required even when it comes to claims management. But when it comes to dealing with the WSIB it is necessary to have a detailed list of documents. Thus documentation is required for all activities like minutes of meeting, missed meetings, telephone conversations, and all relevant activities.
  • Maintaining relationships: It is always important to maintain a healthy atmosphere at the workplace. This not only helps the employees being more productive but if the an atmosphere of safety and security is created it will help prevent accidents from occurring. Besides which maintaining a good relationship with the employees will help the claims process so smoother.

Conclusion for WSIB claims management:WSIB claim management system

The process of injury claims management is usually made as easy as possible and is almost the same for all industries like construction claims management, etc. Safety First Consulting is one of the more popular paralegal firms around. Besides ensuring workplace safety they are also well known for their services relating to WSIB claim management system. Being one of the few firms around with high qualified as well as consultants around there is no way you can go wrong if you pick them.

About Safety First Consulting:

Safety First consulting

Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) Claims Management Safety First Consulting Professional Corporation is a licensed paralegal firm regulated by the Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC) Our paralegal team provides a widespread WSIB claims Ontario management system that is designed to reduce and control an employer’s costs associated with workplace injuries and illnesses. Our pro-active program begins at the point of occurrence and continues to the final resolution of the claim with a rapid response.

Safety First consulting plays an important role in making sure every workplace is safe. Even when it comes to high risk workplaces like a construction site, their highly trained and certified safety consultants take up the task to ensure that everyone present at the workplace is aware of the importance of staying secure and not taking any unnecessary risks.

The professionals at Safety First Consulting can show you how to navigate the sometimes technical and often confusing OSHA regulations. They can help you figure out what regulations apply in your workplace and what you need to do to comply. Just know About us, take one of our classes, or request a Contact us form.

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