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How to Execute a Safety Program at the Workplace

Execute a Safety Program at the WorkplaceA systematic, prudent approach towards safety in your workplace is the best strategy to enhance effectiveness and make sure you acquire the complete reward for your safety program. For this you acknowledged by how to create a safety program. First, recognize all hazards of your workplace and apply to OSHA regulations. By this you will get an idea about what type of program is suitable for your organization. It is surveyed by one company that investing in safety, its injury rate declined to 0.5 in 2013. Another company having same improvement its sale extended 15% as compared to previous years, following safety program they lose time because of employees’ injuries decreases during the period of ten years.

When you are going to implement a safety program you should understand workplace safety program ideas. Once you have acknowledged about your requirements are under the Occupational Safety and Health Act. You go for those requirements which are essential to set up a workplace safety program. How can you make certain that your employees are properly trained and capable to operate hazards? Since you are an employer, it’s your responsibilities to know that all employees are efficient to operate tools and acquired knowledge of personal prospective tools.

All organizations have their own hazards also, for instance tripping hazards from the cord, potentially hazardous substances and so on. That is why it is essential to ensure that all employees have derived the proper training.

The procedure to build a safety program at the workplace will need inspect your workplace properly and involve your employees in creating. If you need any help in this regard, you can call on your state OSHA consultation program or appoint a private consultant.

Below analysis is required for your workplace by a proficient safety and health consultant.

  • Make sure that a consultant visit to the safety area to identify the hazards and that exists in your workplace.
  • Assured that consultant analyze regular all activities done at your workplace as well step by step analyzing is vital.
  • Place a system of evaluating to make sure that your hazard controls have not failed.
  • Absorb a plan how to make consistency in inspection when things go wrong in a case of sickness or work related injury. This will help you to avoid this situation in future.
  • Build communication bridge between employer and employee so that they pull employer’s attention towards thing going wrong.

In summary, if you follow above tips in your workplace, you will acquire a safe and healthy environment in your workplace.

How safetyfirst can help you in this subject?

Safetyfirst for workplace safety and health program

Safety first is a well-known consultant corporation in issues regarding workplace safety and health program. Our services help your business to synchronize with the occupational safety and health Act (OSHA). You can take benefit of our expert health and safety training Ontario. Safety-first providing services over the past eight years and have full expertise to enrich your workplace environment.

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Understanding Moral Duty and Prevention Tips for Workplace Accidents


Prevention Tips for Workplace Accidents

At work there are chances a worker can get injured or fall ill. During the working hours it is the responsibility of the employer to look into the matter and take the accountability to figure out the thing. Accidents in the workplace may happen due to many reasons, to name a few;

  • Illness due to performing specific work continuously for the long period of time.
  • Not providing safety equipment during the risky tasks.
  • Injuries due to lifting heavy materials.

As said it is the employer’s responsibility to overcome the situation, but as a worker, you have few responsibilities as well so that no hassle happen due to any miscommunication.

Inform your employer first:

Whatever, you feel, whether illness, muscular pain due to long sitting, or any construction accident, tell your employer first. There do have such departments for such cases, where such issues are handled appropriately.

See the doctor;

You must not wait for the company people to come back to you with the answer. You better go see the doctor first to make sure nothing is severe.

Inform WorkSafe BC.

Many workers give less attention to such information, but according to the law, any worker who has faced workplace accidents must report WorkSafe BC within the year. However, It is good to report soon after the accident.

Provide precise facts to avoid miscommunication;

You must report the facts whenever asked, especially these;

1. Date, and Time of the Accident?

2. Which Location it took place?

3. Your Job profile, and roles/ responsibility?

4. The time you felt pain or symptom of illness?

5. Suffering part of the body?

6. Any witnesses available at the time of the accident or has anyone seen you suffer pain or any other illness. construction accidents?

7. Name of the official person you informed about it and when (date)?

8. Symptoms occurred during working hours or outside the office as well?

9. Does WBC have accurate information to take action ahead?

Prepare yourself for the few actions:

After your appeal to WCB, you might get a decision letter or a phone call of their decision. It might mention the benefits and the type and duration of it. Sometimes their decision might not interest you, but they will provide the decision by giving a legitimate reason. If required, they might call you in person and talk.

How to prevent accidents in the workplace?

By taking safety tips, you can avoid unwanted accidents at the workplace.

First, do not work fast, just to finish tasks on time. Your health is much important that your reputation. Avoid taking shortcuts to finish the work before or at the time. If you see the task can’t happen on time, inform boss.

Second, as an employer, make sure every vehicle is checked and tested. Encourage employees to use a company’s cab.

Third, get dressed as per the weather conditions. It might be hot outside, but most companies have ACs installed. Do not come in direct contact with the AC after facing heat. Use cotton cloth around your face and neck to avoid contact from the sun. If possible set AC temperature according to your comfort level.

Employer’s Note-if your worker is working in an area where he has to face extreme heat, install ventilation systems to flow the air outside.

Fourth, perform drill activity for the sudden fire cases and create awareness amongst the employees.

Who to contact for Safety training programs?

Safety training programs by safety consulting

The ratio of Workplace accidents in Canada is high. Safety Consulting is a Canada based firm that runs occupational health and safety awareness and provides training. It also provides health and safety training Ontario and assist with WSIB services.


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Health and Safety Training

Health and Safety TrainingEvery company is required to maintain a certain standard for the health and safety of the employees and this is meant purely for the benefit of all concerned. However the way it stands now, the employer is legally required to educate all their employees in matters pertaining to the health and safety risks involved at the work place. What the occupation is, is not important. It is very important that the health and safety training be aimed at promoting as well as maintaining the highest degree of physical, mental and social well being of the workers.

Though there are several occupations that are have more risk involved than the others. For example working at a construction site or a mine is a very risky job as compared to the professions. In fact the statistics published showed that approximately 4628 workers were killed while on the job in 2012. A more recent example is what happened in a mine in Turkey, where more than 250 workers lost their lives. This happen to include workers from Turkey as well as other parts of the world. Thus this just proves why health and safety training is important.

Effective Training:

Effective Training

We have so far established that the training of the employees on matters of health and safety within the company is of great importance. But in addition to that you also need to make sure that the training being provided is really effective. The outcome of effective training sessions will be very quite apparent, some of the salient outcomes are listed here:

  • The training program will help the employees become more competent in matters of health and safety.
  • Will help in boosting your business and avoid the distress caused in the case of accidents of ill health.
  • It will help you in avoiding the financial costs incurred in case of occupational accidents and ill health.

Though most companies do have a good insurance plan to cover them in case the unforeseen does occur, these insurance plans will not cover all the losses. For example it won’t cover for damaged products or lost production and it certainly cannot compensate for the demotivated staff.

What is health and safety training?

As far as occupational health and safety training is concerned, it is not just the matter of attending a few training sessions and walking away with certificate that says you are now certified to work a certain workplace (like construction site). The aim of these training sessions is to make sure all the employees including the new recruits understand the hazards present at their respective workplaces.

The training ideally includes information on all the possible things that can go wrong and want to do to prevent such incidents from happening. Besides which it may also include instructions on how to carry out the job in a safe and secure manner. For example it can include the safe method of operating a Crane. As the saying goes “It is better to be safe than sorry”.

Company Culture:

It is very important to maintain a good and healthy atmosphere. This is something that applies to all the workplaces, be it a large industry, a construction site or a small office. It is ideally the responsibility of the employers and supervisors to create an environment that promotes the message of working safely, taking every precaution possible and maintain a positive attitude. In addition to this it is also important that a new employee be made feel the presence of this safe working environment. This is especially essential in workplaces like construction sites and mines.

Safety Training Includes Studying Incidents:

Safety Training is important for all workplaces. But it is also important to learn from incidents that occur in the company. By doing so you can take preventive steps to make sure they don’t occur again. Besides this it is also beneficial to study incidents that have taken place in similar workplaces. The saying “Precaution is better than cure” is a 100% true. And it is by designing a comprehensive training session that also includes real incident cases that have occurred in similar workplaces that it is possible to achieve this.

Safety Training Fits a Dynamic Organization:

It is likely that the workplace changes for the current employees in the form of either new equipment or new building (office) workplace. Or it may even be the case where the tasks of an employee change and he is now responsible for something completely new and different from what he was doing. In such cases it is important that the employee or employees are given more training in addition to the initial training prior to the change. Thus it is necessary to be aware of the fact that the health and safety training requirements in the workplace can change dynamically and the organization should be prepared for that.

Safety Training Responds to Identified Risks:

The safety training that is provided by the company is usually quite comprehensive. At times even the professional safety consultants are called it to make sure the training is coming from experience individuals who specialize is such matters. In spite of this it is the responsibility of the supervisors and employers to maintain constant communication with the workers and detect the need for further training or precautionary measures. Furthermore the workplace can also be made safer by the supervisors if they stay alert and focused on the job at hand.


Safety First

Occupational health and safety may now be something that a great many are aware about. However it is very important that it is comprehensive an covers all aspects of the work environment. At times such tasks are best left to the professionals who not only have the knowledge and experience is such matters but they also have an eye to detect a potentially risky situation. Safety First is one place that has safety consultants with extensive experience in many different sectors of the industry besides being certified as well.

Safety First Consulting is a company that gives priority to safety of your company. They have a experienced team of dedicated professionals who are aware of every new and existing rule in the book and can prove to be an invaluable guide as far as WSIB is concerned. They make that extra effort to make sure everyone concerned is treated well. They offer a wide range of services, including help with WSIB claims.

The professionals at Safety First Consulting can show you how to navigate the sometimes technical and often confusing OSHA regulations. They can help you figure out what regulations apply in your workplace and what you need to do to comply. Just know About us, take one of our classes, or request a Contact us form.

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Benefits of Health and safety training

Benefits of Health and safety trainingOccupational health and safety standards exists for the benefit of all the people. That includes the employees as well as the employers. The way it stands it is the legal responsibility of the employer to educate all their employees about the work place safety standards and the hazards involved while carrying out their job.

Occupational health and safety ideally should be aimed at promoting and maintaining the highest level of physical, mental and social well being of the workers no matter what the occupation is. Some occupations are have more risk involved than the others like; the construction site is a very risky place to and as per the statistics has a lot of fatalities as well.

But that doesn’t mean that the low risk occupations work places can go easy, they too need to take the proper precautions. As per the published statistics approximately 4628 workers were killed while on the job in 2012.

Benefits of a Health and safety program:

It is beyond doubt that the health safety of the workers is of utmost importance in any organization. This is the reason why there are so many rules and regulations surrounding that. Furthermore, besides the rules and regulations it is the moral duty of every employer to take the basic precautions that help prevent harm to come to their employees. But it is not always easy to prepare the employees so that they can face the risks involved at the work place and some even lack the necessary skill to do so.

Thus an effective health and safety training ontario program can go a long way in reducing the number of injuries and fatalities. The benefits of a good training program also extends to prevent property damage, illnesses, legal liabilities, compensation claims of workers as well as save downtown for the company due to incapacitated employees.

In addition to which the safety training sessions help establish a safety culture and atmosphere. Such an atmosphere is very healthy and helps the employees themselves promote proper safety procedures while on the job. This is especially important for the new employees. However it is the responsibility of the company to make sure the health and safety training is provided to the employees during induction itself.

Here is a brief overview of the benefits of a health and safety program:

  • Lower the health care as well as disability costs of the employees.
  • Enhances the employee productivity.
  • Encourages the employees to take lesser leaves.
  • There will be lesser number of illnesses and injuries.
  • Paints a better corporate image.
  • Plays a good role in improving the employee morale.
  • More number of workers are likely to want to work with the company and lesser likely to leave.
  • This helps lower the cost of the company for acute heath issues.
  • Also helps lover the overall health care services.
  • Helps create a safer and more supportive work environment.

Effective Safety Training:

The first reaction to the training necessary for employees is always like “That is no big deal!”. Many employees under estimate the need for a professional training.

Thus there are several training guidelines that goes as follows:

  • Determine if training is really needed: It is important to first establish whether or not a given problem can be solved via sufficient training. It is often the case that employees don ‘t take the work environment into consideration while using an equipment.
  • Figuring out the training needs: It is important to be aware of the risks involved in every task and location in a organization. An analysis connected by a professional with an eye for such things can prove to be invaluable in most cases.
  • Correctly identify the goals and objectives: With clear sight of the goals and objectives a trainer can notify the class of the objective and scope of the training from the very beginning. This helps prevent any confusion and keeps to keep the classes attention.
  • Learning Activities: A simple lecture does not constitute as a good training session. The hands approach is better accepted and easier to understand. Thus it is a good idea to make use of simulators, images and videos. A demo of the actual thing may not always be possible hence these learning activities are great help.
  • Training material: In an ideal world the training will also involve the distribution of some reading material and encourage the employees to make a note of the things most relevant to them.
  • Evaluation: Evaluation is important because it helps to estimate the effectiveness of the training sessions. There are several methods of evaluation that do not have to be very direct like questionnaires, observations made by supervisors or a formal assessment. This can also help make improvements to the workplace environment.
  • Optimizing the program: By analyzing the vital feedback received from the employees via various sources it is possible to optimize the training program itself.

The use of computer and video training for health and safety program:

This the modern era where the use of computer and technology is on the rise. The health and safety program is no exception. The computers and videos can be used in a very effective manner while conducting a company’s health and safety training program. Some of the possible uses are:

  • The training of the employees in remote locations.
  • Employees have the opportunity to actively go through the material themselves.
  • When it is hard to train every single employee in a short period of time, technology comes to the rescue.
  • This also lowers the overall training and travel costs.
  • It provides a self paced and more relaxed training environment.

How Safety First can help:

How Safety First can help

Safety First is one of the few organizations that has the experience and means to help organizations in the matter of health and safety. Their courses are specially structured to help employees gain a better understanding of their respective working environments and thus prevent and incident from occurring. They have a strong team of certified health and safety consultant that can help businesses of all sizes and a wide range of industries as well.