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Health and Safety Awareness – Risk Assessment

Health and Safety Awareness Training for Workers:Health and Safety Awareness Training for Workers

Health and Safety is an issue that every organization needs to deal with. Neglecting the safety at workplace can result in fatal injuries and spell doom for all concerned. Although the safety standards are now higher, with more number of people and organizations following the procedure, still accidents do occur as show by these statistics:

The number of fatalities at work place in 2014 were 4056.

More recently more than 250 multinational workers were killed in a mine at Turkey in May 2014. The initial cause at the time was found to be neglected safety review.

Rick assessment is an important part of health and safety and helps build the foundation towards a better and safer workplace.

What is Risk Assessment?

Risk Assessment should ideally be the start of an health and safety program Ontario. The tasks usually involve:

  • Seek and identify and hazards.
  • Analyze the level or risk the hazard posses
  • Eliminate or find a work around for the hazard.

For example in a construction company the risk assessment can bring to light potential danger of heavy objects falling on people. Or in a lab while using a laboratory instrument, assess the risk of using bio hazard substance in case of leek or malfunction of device.

The importance of Risk Assessment:

In just about any health and safety process, risk assessment plays an important role for the initial assessment of the situation. Here is why risk assessment is so important:

  • Make all concerned aware of the risks and hazards at work place.
  • Vital in identifying who are the people at risk ( which group of employees or management)
  • Helps identify the steps necessary to eliminate the risk and even gauge if current control measures are up to standard.
  • Helps prioritize all hazards and take appropriate control measures.

How is Risk Assessment done:

The task of performing the risk assessment is most suitable to a person who has an eye to spot all the hazard. Someone with a good knowledge of the domain, for example for a construction company it would be vital to have a risk assessor who knows about the construction business. At the same time for the risk assessment of a medical laboratory it would be advisable to have a person who knows his way around chemicals and instruments doing the risk assessment.

The methods of risk assessment involves identifying the hazards and also assessing the level of threat they possess. Besides which it is also necessary to monitor the hazard for increase in level of threat or change of threat. In most cases a system should also be in place to eliminate all the threats by taking the suggested action.

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