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Safety Concerns for Electricians with Ladders

Not everyone associates ladders with electricians. However, the fact of the matter is that electricians also require ladders in several situations. Most of their major work is usually at a great height which would require a ladder.

Hence this article is meant for the electricians ladders and showcases how they can keep safe all times.

  • There are several types of ladders out there and many of them are useful to an electrician. The best type for an electrician is usually a step ladder. It is possible to use a step ladder for both indoors and outdoors.
  • The material of the ladder is also important. The ideal material is usually wood, aluminium or fiberglass.
  • The ladders have a feature where-in although they are foldable once they are opened and set in a place they can be locked in place. It is important to make sure they are locked in place every time you use them, no matter how minor the job might be.
  • The ladder should always be placed on a level floor. Even the slightest imbalance should be corrected with something reliable.
  • The topmost rungs of the ladder should usually be avoided since it is easier to trip or lose balance on those. This is especially true when using heavy weight.
  • It is a good idea to have someone supporting the ladder at all times. It also helps to face the ladder when climbing up or down the ladder.

Common causes of incidents with electricians ladders:

  • Slipping or losing footing on the ladder steps especially when on the top most steps is often the cause of an accident.
  • Lack of grip on the ladder while climbing.
  • No maintaining correct and safe position while on the ladder.
  • Placing the ladder on a slippery or uneven surface.
  • Not making sure the ladder is in good working order.

Safety First to the Rescue:


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