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Meaning of a Safety Program

Why Safety Program?

Safety Program

Ideally every company is required to have a Safety program (policy) of some kind. Such safety programs are usually designed by the company itself as per their requirements. As an employer you are in the best position to gage the risks involved at the workplace. Such a Safety program is developed as per the OHSA regulations and to reduce the possibility of any hazards in the work area. It is also meant to answer the basic question of as to what is safety at workplace. To have an effective safety program it is necessary for the safety program to comply with OHSA regulations.

The safety program may include issues like how to handle a fire extinguisher or ladder in the correct manner. But this is being very generic and is something that applies to every workplace. What is the health and safety program for every profession? Is it the same?. For example that of a construction company is likely to include factors like how to handle heavy equipment like crane and hoists in the right manner. Besides it will include all the correct practices to follow while on the construction site premises.

The content of a Safety Program:

OHSA has developed a guide for the safety and health programs which is a very good start for any company. However these guides are not specific to any industry and are more generic guidelines that apply to all kinds of businesses (big and small). The safety program for your company needs to be to the point, such that it covers all the unique hazard issues in your workplace beside which it should be designed such that the employees can relate to it and utilize and implement it on a daily basis.

As a professional safety consulting firm, Safety First has been involved in advising several companies regarding the relevant topics to include. Some of the more common topics to include are mentioned here:

  • The main of any aim of any Safety program should be to keep the two important objective in mind and they are a safety program that provides maximum protection to the workers and at the same time causes a minimum amount of downtime.
  • It is also necessary that the safety program being developed complies with the OHSA regulations that are relevant to the scope of your work place.
  • An important point to remember that the safety program is a practical program that is intended to be used for the daily activities and work procedure. Hence it should also be simple, easy to understand and something that easily integrates into the daily work routine of the workers.

Where to start from:

In order to build a framework for a performance driven health and safety program, there are a few basic points to remember:

  • Strategic Planning: The strategic planning should be strong enough for you to be able to build measurable goals.
  • Written Policy: A formal written policy statement pertaining to health and safety of your organization can go a long way. What is better still, is to incorporate them into the operations manual.
  • Performance Measure: It is necessary to keep records of forms and EMR ratings but to keep tabs and to measure the health and safety key performance indicators is going the extra mile.

Assigning Roles and Responsibilities:

The safety program should ideally be developed in such a way all the people involved understand their tasks and responsibilities without any ambiguity. Here are a few role and responsibilities that need to be clearly defined:

  • Leadership: As a leader the responsibility is higher. The leader not only needs to remain safe himself, but he also needs to guide the fellow employees and provide the necessary support. Thus it is imperative that the guidelines for the leader be quite exhaustive.
  • Employees: The safety program is essentially for the employees though it will include the safety of all personnel on the premises. The program can go on and on about what the employees should or shouldn’t do and the correct method of operating equipment. It will also contain the action required to take during emergency situations. But what is of utmost importance is to make sure that the employees understand that for the safety program to be successful I is necessary that every single employee has understood their responsibilities and adheres to them.
  • Safety Committee: At the end of the day this committee needs to assess how effective their safety program is and also make sure that the employees feel sufficiently motivated towards maintaining safety at the workplace. Besides which it also important to establish a decision making framework that has the ability address any safety concern, however small it may be.

The Process Assessment:

A workplace constitutes of the employees who are going about their tasks. But what are these tasks. For example in case of a construction site, the main objective is to construct the building. But this is the main task and it is divided into several sub tasks and further sub tasks as well. There is right way of performing each sub task and this is something that requires assessment. It is necessary to make sure that you are completely aware of the tasks being performed by the employees on a daily basis to be able to make sure that it is being carried out with all the necessary precautions and safety guidelines.

The quick and easy method of doing so is to make sure you possess the resources to perform correct information gathering in order to gather information. Perform an assessment of the current workplace on a department basis. And lastly it is also necessary to document all the processes at every step of the way.

The OSHA Safety topics that are considered:

The safety program being developed needs to be comprehensive and at the same time make sure it includes the following factors:

  • Administrative Safety: The safety program should also include administrative safety procedures, besides which they should also be enforced.
  • Exposure Control: In case an employee is exposed to any hazardous substance or involved in an accident the safety program should be able to cover the steps that are need to be taken to keep the damage to the minimum.
  • Personal Protection: The workplace environment and activities should be correctly assessed to make a comprehensive list of personal protective equipment that is required.
  • Facility Safety: The safety features need to be extended to all the management systems as well.
  • Tools & Equipment: It is very important that the employees are using the correct tools and equipment for the tasks and that they are using it correctly. This topic requires extra attention since doing so has the potential of preventing most of the accidents from occurring.
  • Behavioral & Attitude: A proper workplace environment is required to be maintained at all times. If it is a healthy environment that promotes safety, it will make sure safety is always the primary objective of all the personnel involved.

Addressing the Hazards:

All workplace are different and have a varying hazard level. Some workplaces are more risky than others. In general the construction sites are considered to high risk workplace. As per the statistics published in 2012 approximately 4606 construction workers lost their lives while on the job. This is a staggering figure which is way too high for comfort. In an even more recent incident that occurred in May 2014 at a mine in Turkey more than 250 workers lost their lives in a mining accident. These were workers from all round the world besides Turkey.

Thus the hazards of every workplace are different and need to be addressed in a unique method. All the tools, equipment and work procedure need to be analysed in detail. It is only after the analysis process that the proper workplace guidelines can be established that are in keeping with the OHSA regulations.

Training the employees:

A safety program is very useful in any organization but it is of little use if the employees do not implement it. Hence some level of basic training is required to make sure the employees get familiar with the workplace, the hazards involved as well as the safety procedures that are clearly established in the safety program.

At time such training is performed with the help of a professional agency on the site (workplace) itself. However several agencies also have the facility to provide off site training too. Safety Frist is one Safety consulting firm that is capable of handling either situation.

Documenting your efforts:

We have already established that having a safety program is highly beneficial. Having a safety program is one thing and making sure that it is working is another. By maintaining documentation of how the program complies with the OHSA requirements it is possible to do just that. Besides which documenting facts like the employee medical history, training and incidents also help.

Trust Safety First when it comes to Safety:

Safety First Consulting

Safety first is one firm that is well placed to help organizations on the subject of OHSA. In fact Safety First has several occupational health and safety courses to offer so that the company management can have a better understanding of the same. Their team consists of certified health and safety consultant and an expert team of health and safety professional consultants with experience in businesses of all sizes and a wide variety of different industries as well. They are able to make sure that their clients are completely aware of the government legislation and regulations.

The professionals at Safety First Consulting can show you how to navigate the sometimes technical and often confusing OSHA regulations with health and safety program ontario. They can help you figure out what regulations apply in your workplace and what you need to do to comply.


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Thing that Safety Professionals don’t do

Things Safety Professionals don’t do

This is no conventional list and there are not many of these around either. There are several articles around on what Canadian registered Safety Professionals ought to do, or the safe practices they should follow. This is a list with a difference. This is list of the things that Safety Professionals should not do:

Act like a Cop: Many safety consulting companies safety professionals misuse their authority and begin to act more like a cop and less like a safety professional. A Safety professional needs to be kind, understanding, patient and furthermore be able to provide detailed explanations or give advice here required. They should never be stern or assertive. It does happen many times that a retired Police officer turns into a Safety Professional to utilize his expertise to help out. In any case it is important to remember the extent to which you should be assertive as it can often be mistaken

Head to Common Sense: There is a time to follow the books and perform all the checks and implement precautions the right way. However the right way is not always the method with which you will get the desired result. Some situations demand you make us of your common sense.

Putting the worker on the spot: All the precautions to take and safety procedure to be carried out should be explained to the team on the whole. Under no circumstances should a single worker be made to feel responsible for the entire situation.

Act like you know it all: While on sight on the client premises it is very easy to get carried away. Especially all eyes are on you and all the workers would be quite attentive to what you are advising them. At such a point of time if you come across a section of which you do not have much knowledge about then it is advisable that you seek help yourself. The main and only factor to consider is the safety of the employees and not your performance. Each workplace is different and it is highly likely that you may come across a situation that requires some more professional help

Spread rumours: The job of the safety professional is quite straight forward and usually doesn’t involve mingling with the employees. The inspection of a workplace is usually carried out by the Safety Professional on his own. However when it comes to giving instructions and making the employees aware of the perils at the workplace it is usually done in a large group along with the employees. Not all employees have the same level of understanding and hence it is necessary to be patient and explain the situation in more detail and provide more examples. There is no need to go spilling the beans later on any of the employees who needed the extra explanation. Spreading rumours or jokes about an employee should be strictly avoided.

Blindly follow the statistics: There are many statistics published regarding work places in general. As per the statistics the situation is quite bad in the construction industry. The number of people that fall prey to back disorders is on the rise as per the statistics published. However while inspecting a work place it is a good idea to provide the complete safety advice and not be influenced by pure statistics. By focusing on correct methods and procedures for tackling all the tasks you are providing the worker with complete knowledge of the safety issues instead of simply concentrating on those as per the statistics.

Be influenced and cave under the pressure from the business unit: An inspection of a premises is usually carried out on the terms of the employer. It is likely that the employer may be unaware of several hazardous situations and at the same time it is also possible the employer is trying to cover up something in order to save costs. In situations like these it is important for the Safety Professional to stay focused at the job at hand concentrate on collecting information on all the hazardous situations at the workplace.

Allow yourself to get distracted: It requires a trained eye to find trouble a mile away. The task of inspecting a premises is a very important one and with the trailed eye of a safety professional it makes things easier. It is one thing to be a certified health and safety consultant and completely other thing to implement good practice at all times. However it is essential for the safety professional to remain focused and not allow himself to be distracted via petty things.

Trusting Safety First when it comes to Safety:

Safety First

Safety first is one firm that is well placed to help organizations on the subject of OHSA. In fact Safety First has several occupational health and safety courses to offer so that the company management can have a better understanding of the same. Their team consists of certified safety professionals and an expert team of health and safety professional consultants with experience in businesses of all sizes and a wide variety of different industries as well. They are able to make sure that their clients are completely aware of the government legislations and regulations.

Safety First Consulting Professional Corporation is a licensed paralegal firm regulated by the Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC). Our paralegal team provides a widespread WSIB claims Ontario management system that is designed to reduce and control an employer’s costs associated with workplace injuries and illnesses. Our pro-active program begins at the point of occurrence and continues to the final resolution of the claim with a rapid response.

Safety First provides full workplace health and safety Ontario service. Safety First in Ontario is a Canadian firm and their first priority is workplace safety. Their highly skilled team of certified safety professionals implement the highest level of health and safety practices in the construction workplace. In fact they also provide the best training. Their team of registered professionals’ trainers (RPT) provide the correct guidance to establish a construction safety training system that abides by all the government regulations, legislation and standards and is tailored for your company. It is thus a little wonder that they have been so successful in the past and continue to do so.

Safety First consulting plays an important role in making sure every workplace is safe. Even when it comes to high risk workplaces like a construction site, their highly trained and certified safety consultants take up the task to ensure that everyone present at the workplace is aware of the importance of staying secure and not taking any unnecessary risks.

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The professionals at Safety First Consulting can show you how to navigate the sometimes technical and often confusing OSHA regulations. They can help you figure out what regulations apply in your workplace and what you need to do to comply. Just know About us, take one of our classes, or request a Contact us form.

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How to become a certified health and safety consultant?

Occupational Health and safety standards are required in every form of work:

How to become a certified health and safety consultant?

There are several high risk occupations like construction sites and mine where the health and safety concerns are pretty obvious. But the health and safety procedures and regulations are equally important for other professions as well.

The number of people that lose their lives while on the job is very high. For example in 2012 approximately 4628 workers were killed while on the job as per the published statistics. In a more recent example an accident in a mine in Turkey has resulted in the loss of life of more than 200 people.

Among the dead are people from Turkey as well as other countries around the globe. This is an incident that occurred current year, May 2014. Thus the subject of occupational health and safety cannot be taken lightly.

This is one of the reasons why so many organizations trust professional organizations when it comes to occupational health and safety training. These professional health and safety consultants are well experience and equipped with information that could be vital to any organization no matter which industry. It is all the better if these health and safety consultants are certified. And even the certified health and safety consultant have a code of conduct that they need to follow.

Here is a brief overview of the code of conduct of a certified health and safety consultant:

  • They are required to possess and maintain sufficient knowledge and skill in the relevant provision of service.
  • They need to conduct themselves in a manner that maintains the highest degree of honesty, integrity, fairness and quality in their business.
  • Make use of effective and efficient business practices to add to the quality of service.
  • They need to make sure they uphold the honor and dignity of the health and safety profession.
  • Good and positive interpersonal and communications skills should be practiced.
  • Make sure that a conflict of interest does not arise.
  • Make sure they promote and support the association and its goals and objectives.
  • Most importantly they should adhere to the CSSE (Canadian Society of Safety Engineering) code of Ethics.

Canadian Society of Safety Engineering:

The Canadian Society of Safety Engineering (CSSE) is a Canadian association that is strongly involved in the promoting accident prevention. This association was founded a very long time ago in 1949. What started out as a few group of individuals has grown into Canada’s largest national professional organization for health and safety practitioners.

The CSSE has members from across Canada, USA and around the world. There are over 4500 members to date. It works to enhance the health and safety. It supports about 31local chapters that provide a local forum for information exchange and networking among the professionals. CSSE is well known for knowledge and information sharing too.

The health and safety professionals that meet certain experience requirements and have passed a series of examinations that are meant to test their occupational health and safety knowledge are awarded the CHSC (Certified Health and Safety Consultant).

How Safety First can help:


Safety First is an organization that has the experience and means to help other companies in the matter of occupational health and safety. They structure their courses in such a manner that they help the employees and employers alike. Their strong team of certified health and safety consultant have the ability to help many different business in many different industries.