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How to become a certified health and safety consultant?

Occupational Health and safety standards are required in every form of work:

How to become a certified health and safety consultant?

There are several high risk occupations like construction sites and mine where the health and safety concerns are pretty obvious. But the health and safety procedures and regulations are equally important for other professions as well.

The number of people that lose their lives while on the job is very high. For example in 2012 approximately 4628 workers were killed while on the job as per the published statistics. In a more recent example an accident in a mine in Turkey has resulted in the loss of life of more than 200 people.

Among the dead are people from Turkey as well as other countries around the globe. This is an incident that occurred current year, May 2014. Thus the subject of occupational health and safety cannot be taken lightly.

This is one of the reasons why so many organizations trust professional organizations when it comes to occupational health and safety training. These professional health and safety consultants are well experience and equipped with information that could be vital to any organization no matter which industry. It is all the better if these health and safety consultants are certified. And even the certified health and safety consultant have a code of conduct that they need to follow.

Here is a brief overview of the code of conduct of a certified health and safety consultant:

  • They are required to possess and maintain sufficient knowledge and skill in the relevant provision of service.
  • They need to conduct themselves in a manner that maintains the highest degree of honesty, integrity, fairness and quality in their business.
  • Make use of effective and efficient business practices to add to the quality of service.
  • They need to make sure they uphold the honor and dignity of the health and safety profession.
  • Good and positive interpersonal and communications skills should be practiced.
  • Make sure that a conflict of interest does not arise.
  • Make sure they promote and support the association and its goals and objectives.
  • Most importantly they should adhere to the CSSE (Canadian Society of Safety Engineering) code of Ethics.

Canadian Society of Safety Engineering:

The Canadian Society of Safety Engineering (CSSE) is a Canadian association that is strongly involved in the promoting accident prevention. This association was founded a very long time ago in 1949. What started out as a few group of individuals has grown into Canada’s largest national professional organization for health and safety practitioners.

The CSSE has members from across Canada, USA and around the world. There are over 4500 members to date. It works to enhance the health and safety. It supports about 31local chapters that provide a local forum for information exchange and networking among the professionals. CSSE is well known for knowledge and information sharing too.

The health and safety professionals that meet certain experience requirements and have passed a series of examinations that are meant to test their occupational health and safety knowledge are awarded the CHSC (Certified Health and Safety Consultant).

How Safety First can help:


Safety First is an organization that has the experience and means to help other companies in the matter of occupational health and safety. They structure their courses in such a manner that they help the employees and employers alike. Their strong team of certified health and safety consultant have the ability to help many different business in many different industries.