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What Are the New Harassment Laws By Ontario?

We sometimes just say it, “There should be some workplace harassment laws.” But we never think that there are some rules which employers might not have conveyed to their workers. So here are the laws we are listing for your information;

Employers must develop policy and distribute in the entre workplace saying that physical force will be counted as a violence and serious action will be taken by the employers.

Bothering someone by passing harsh comments, abusive languages, taunting will be taken under harassment section. Employers must distribute the list harassment to the workers which matches OHSA. Under this no co-worker can discriminate someone on age, sex, color, or nationality basis.

Also, a worker who has been harassed by the employer have full rights to sue his employer. According to the new requirement worker must report the harassment, so that OSHA obligation make a serious decision-making.

This news that workplace harassment is now Workplace harassment is now administered by the following;

1. The HRC (Human Resource Code) to design the grounds.

2. Common rules to inform employers on how to treat employers.

3. It is employer’s duty to make the workplace harassment free.

4. Employers are require to maintain the harassment policy.

How Safety First Consultancy Helps You?

How Safety First Consultancy Helps You?

Safety First Consultancy takes the privilege to guide organizations by introducing the OSHA rules and guidelines to make the workplace harassment and violence free. They provide workplace violence and harassment training Ontario followed by the certificate on request.

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Types Of Workplace Harassment Every Worker Must Be Aware Of

One needs to be mentally prepared for the upcoming tasks in the office to be finished by the end of the day. And in between that all if a worker has to face continuous harassment it definitely should be taken to a higher level. What is bullying and harassment? Do we enough know about it? Cracking unfunny jokes, being talkative is not a harassment, or dysfunctional coffee machine too is not a harassment.

What qualifies as workplace harassment?What qualifies as workplace harassment?

We will give you a few examples of it;

Generally, people at workplace keep facing continuous harassment which not only affects their working but makes them mentally weak and that leads to a bad performance at the workplace. Harassing just once with the offensive and insulting words and action is not however counted as a harassment, but there are a few cases where the talk should be taken to the higher authority immediately, such as sexual harassment.

Now it is always into talks that is bullying similar to harassment?

At some point, yes, it is. A group in a bunch keep insulting a person commenting on race, sex, religion, relationship with the family/partner numerous times is considered as a bullying.

There is no point one should leave the job just because someone else behaved unmannerly. When you notice it happening more than just once, take to the personal meeting with the bully and state calmly that you might want to take this to the higher level and that might affect his job. Remember, never to raise voice or revert with the similar actions as this would keep you in the same place of bully.

What qualifies as harassment in the workplace?

This list will help you learn what comes under harassment at workplace;

1. Someone who is continuously taunting you for the skin color.
2. Being criticized from where you are.
3. Being criticized on the political beliefs.
4. Being criticized for following a religion.
5. Keep hearing and facing taunts on Gender. For example, in a recent case, a woman lodged a case against her male co-workers who kept harassing her after she received a promotion.
6. Being harassed sexually/physically is an offensive crime and an action should be taken immediately once identified.
7. Being harassed for the age difference, mental and physical disability also comes under harassment list.
8. Also, no one has right to speak over anyone’s personal, marital and family status.

Safety First Consulting is running many organizational pieces of training and providing certificates for many years. They believe a healthy workplace brings more goodwill to the company. Out of many programs, they offer Workplace Violence and Harassment training. They are a TSSA Accredited Training Provider and proudly associated with the Training partners such as CHSC, CPTA, Habitat for Humanity and Canadian Society of Safety Engineering.

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5 Workplace Discrimination That You Were Unaware Of

What is discrimination in the workplace?

Discrimination in office is not a new thing. Several times it has been seenthat people complaint about being harassed by their co-workers or senior level. The judiciousness of Human Resources team is proved when they are able to extract the information from both the parties and reach some conclusion. Many companies have faced legal battles with their workers for not coming up with the rationalized conclusion.

A person can experience many types of harassment and it is very difficult todetermine what constitutes discrimination in the workplace? So here we are. We will learn the types of discrimination in the workplaces.

Payroll Discrimination in the workplace

Payroll Discrimination

According to a survey a company has to let go their manager for not being fair during the interview process where each candidate was equally talented, experienced, and drawing almost same payroll in their current organization. According to the manager, male candidates should get a higher a salaries because they tend to stay for longer. Women, on the other hand, might leave as soon they have to get married and leave the location. The case against the manager was immediately taken by the HR and they had to let her go.

Sexual discrimination in the workplaceSexual discrimination in the workplace

This is the most common and more frequently heard the complaint. Not only women but men also are victims of this type of harassment. A few brave dare to raise their voice and ask for strict actions against the guilty. Still many people keep mum to avoid humiliation or fear of being found guilty instead. This silence gives boost to the guilty and such cases keep happening in the workplace.

Nation/Location Based discrimination in the workplace

In my previous organization, I met a man who had recently joined the office. He was from the next state and would hardly gel up with the locals. A few weeks later he lodged a complaint to the HR team for being bullied and discriminated by the fellow workers. In the corporate hubs, these cases are hardly seen as people from difference states and cultures are found on one floor, but smaller cities have many issues like that.

Racial Discrimination in the workplace

Racial Discrimination

I really would not like to take names that local people tag people from the other states of the country. This has become an international issue where guilty is not forgiven in any case. The victim has all rights to lodge a complaint against the racist. Right from the celebrities and the common maneveryone has faced racism when traveling to the different country. Not only the workplace but also on roads emigrates hate being tagged for their color.

Age Discrimination in the workplace

Age Discrimination

The generation gap is something which hardly gets gel up. In workplace itself a person more than 40 years are discriminated by giving lesser payrolls, deleting them from the training, monthly/weekly parties and etc.

Safety First Consulting is a proud trainer and certificate provider of many organizational and health training. It also includes workplace violence and harassment training.

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Special Workplace Safety for The Colder Months

Workplace safety is an important element for every workplace. Each year there are a great number of fatalities at the workplace, many of which can be prevented if the employees were aware of the dangers or be trained to take necessary precautions. This is more applicable to the construction or mining industry were the employees are more prone to accidents than other workplaces. However, the other workplaces too need take necessary measures to avoid any health and safety issues. In addition to which, a different set of rules apply for the colder regions (or winter season).

Statistics and Facts

  • In 2012 there was a high record of number of injuries on the job at 17%
  • Studies show that the health and social service industries have the maximum number of industries.
  • The manufacturing industry are almost par when it comes to the number of injuries a month.
  • Next is the construction industry, which to has a large number of injuries every year.

Important Tips for Winter Workplace Safety:Important Tips for Winter Workplace Safety

Winters can get very cold in the northern hemisphere, especially when working outside. There are many hazards and hence here are some special winter health and safety tips:

  • Wearing multiple layered clothing is very effective in the cold weather. The protective gear can be adjusted according to the temperature, thus removing layers if it gets warmer and putting on more layers if it gets colder.
  • There is every chance that you may get wet in some-way or the other. Hence it is a good idea to carry an extra pair of clothes to change into, this will keep you warm.
  • While working outside in the cold, it is a good idea to take frequent breaks, specially to warm up. Such breaks will not only make sure you stay you do not get very cold but will also help you to be more efficient.
  • Keeping hydrated is still important, even in the colder temperatures. Besides which it is a good idea to avoid caffeine and alcohol.
  • Keep a look out for signs of frostbite or hypothermia. In addition to checking you own symptoms, it is a good idea to keep your eyes open for other fellow workers with similar conditions and take immediate action if necessary.
  • It is easy to slip and fall when working on snow or ice. Thus proper footwear or winter boots should be used.
  • The shelters are likely to be heated, although if the heaters are not electric it is necessary to have good ventilation too.
  • Special care is required when driving in cold conditions. It is likely that you may have to drive slowly, besides which the driving conditions can change for the worst very fast.

Safety Training with Safety First

Safety first consulting

Safety first consulting offers several workplace health and safety training services. They provide every kind of assistance in order to be compliant with the government regulations and to make sure that the workplace is safe.

They many types of services like health and safety programs that include inspections, workplace safety policy development, first aid training, basic supervision techniques and more.

With a highly skilled and certified team of safety consultants, Safety first is the ideal firm to help meet your workplace safety requirements.

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Workplace Safety Tips for all Employees and Employers

Workplace safety is important for all professions and industries. It is more important for some like the constructions industry and mining industry to name a few; however, it is necessary be aware and follow safe procedures in all workplaces. Doing so ensures your own safety and the safety of fellow staff members.

Workplace safety tips to keep in mind and avoid slips or falls:

Workplace safety tips

  • Workplaces can have unexpected spills or leaks especially construction sites and other similar workplaces. Hence it is a good idea to watch you step and look at the space in from while walking.
  • Workplace spills can be a cause of fatal incidents. Thus any accidental spills or leaks should immediately be brought to the notice of the appropriate personnel.
  • In workplaces like petroleum industry and other workplace that use toxic material it is a good idea to wear special boots. Depending on the type of industry special boots are available to protect against skidding and even stepping on toxic substances.
  • When reaching for items at a height it is vital to use the designated ladders to do so.
  • Leaning on railings on a roof or on staircase or and similar place can be disastrous especially at a construction site.
  • When working at great heights with no support it is advisable to use a safety harness.

Health and Safety tips at Workplace when lifting heavy items

  • When lifting heavy items manually, be sure to check how heavy it is. This way you can be aware of how much exertion it will take and even prevent from back injuries.
  • It is a good idea to wear easy and non-skid shoes when lifting heavy items.
  • Follow proper methods when lifting heavy items. The right way to pick up a box is to bend at the knees while keeping the back straight and not to bend at the waist.
  • Avoid jerks when lifting heavy items.

Workplace safety tips for fire safety

  • Every work place should have a fire plan, so that in case of a fire there is no confusion or incidents. Fire drills are the best way to prepare everyone in case of an emergency.
  • Many chemicals can be the cause of a fire. Hence special chemicals and even cleaning chemicals should be kept at a proper place and proper manner. The place should be well ventilated and far from any flammable material or sparks.
  • It is a good idea to mark the fire extinguishers clearly so that it is clearly visible at all times.
  • There are few fires that cannot be extinguished with water. This includes oil fires, grease fires, etc.

Safety Training with Safety First

Safety Training with Safety FirstSafety Training with Safety First

  • Safety first consulting offers several workplace health and safety training services. They provide every kind of assistance in order to be compliant with the government regulations and to make sure that the workplace is safe.
  • They many types of services like health and safety programs that include inspections, workplace safety policy development, first aid training, basic supervision techniques and more.
  • With a highly skilled and certified team of safety consultants, Safety first is the ideal firm to help meet your workplace safety requirements.

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Choose The Right Method for Workplace Safety Training

Workplace safety is essential in just about every industry. The reason being that every year there are fatal accidents or health related fatalities. The statistics collected over the years does shows a decrease in the number of workplace incidents. However, the number is still quite high and does need to be dealt with in a correct manner. There are some industries that are more prone to workplace incidents than others like the construction and manufacturing industries, however this is a matter that every industry should be taking seriously.

Statistics and Facts for Workplace Incidents in Recent Years

  • 4679 Workers met with fatal workplace accidents in the year 2014 in USA alone.
  • 20.5 % of these accidents where in the construction industry.
  • In Canada approximately 16143 people lost their lives to workplace injuries in the period between 1993 and 2010.

Significance of Workplace Safety Training:Significance of Workplace Safety Training

The number of workplace injuries has fall in recent years. For example, in Canada there has been decrease in number of fatalities in the last 30 years from 5% down to 1.5% of the workers. But still year many workers miss work due to work related injuries that can be prevented.

The safety training that the workers receive at the workplace has a lot to do with preventing accidents from occurring. Even a fully qualified and skilled worker can be the victim of a fatal accident. However, if proper guidelines and training is provided by the employees pertaining to the industry and workplace this can be prevented.

Workplace Safety Training:

  • Good and quality training lays the foundation for a safe workplace.
  • Workplace safety programs are usually industry specific and designed to include most of the major issues.
  • These workplace safety programs are also tailored made for each firm in addition to being industry specific.
  • Thus a training program can make sure that workers are well aware of the dangers at the workplace and also well trained to deal with an emergency situation.
  • The method of the workplace training depends a great deal on the industry. It can be either in-house, onsite safety training or even online for that matter.
  • In-house workplace training would usually include the use of special equipment or special scenarios. For example, this may include making use of ropes for rescue.
  • Whereas the on site safety training is more to do with the dangers and preventions to be taken at the work site.

Safety Training with Safety First

Safety Training with Safety First

Safety first consulting offers several workplace health and safety training services. They provide every kind of assistance in order to be compliant with the government regulations and to make sure that the workplace is safe.

They many types of services like health and safety programs that include inspections, workplace safety policy development, first aid training, basic supervision techniques and more.

With a highly skilled and certified team of safety consultants, Safety first is the ideal firm to help meet your workplace safety requirements.

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How Safety Consulting Company can Help You in WSIB Claim?

What is WSIB and How Does it Work?shutterstock_51235186

  • WSIB stands for Workplace safety & Insurance Board. This is an Ontario government agency that used to be called the Workers Compensation Board. Even to this current date many people succumb to their injuries or illness at their respective workplaces; this is especially necessary in high risk work environments. Thus this agency was established, the WSIB.
  • WSIB is an agency that helps and protects workers; especially those who work in high risk environments. It makes sure the workers receive good compensation in case of an accident at the workplace. In addition to which the worker is also liable to benefits for loss of earnings due to the accident as per the Ontario Workplace safety and Insurance Act.
  • In fact the employer contributes towards an insurance fund which is usually province wide and their premiums are usually based on the employer’s payroll and their safety history as well.
  • The way this works is that the injured worker is compensated by the WSIB on a no fault basis; in the sense compensation is paid no matter who’s fault it is. In addition to which the employer is shielded from other liabilities. This effectively means that the employer cannot be sued for negligence.

Working of WSIB:

The working of the WSIB is quite straight forward as explained in slightly more detail here:

  • The employers contribute to a province wide insurance fund which may differ depending on the type of company. For example if it is a mining company the contribution would be slightly higher as compared to a restaurant.
  • In case of an incident the compensation is paid to the worker no matter who’s fault it is. The employer too benefits from the deal since he is then shielded from liability of any kind.
  • In every incident the employer has the right to question the cause and place of the incident. The employer can very prove that the incident took place while the employee was not on the work premises if he has such information.
  • Both the WSIB and the employer work together towards getting the worker making sure the worker recovers fast and is able to go back to his regular duties. In some cases it is also necessary for the employer to accommodate the worker by assigning him simpler tasks.
  • The worker has additional rights, in the sense that if the claims for benefits are either rejected or stopped for some reason the worker has every right to contact the Union for assistance and advice.

Injury at work claim?

  • There are several procedures and routines that the worker should be aware of if they ever have the need to file a claim. To start with it is necessary to immediately notify the employer about the accident or occupational disease.
  • In case of an injury the employer will usually have a first aid kit that the worker can use however if further assistance was necessary the incident needs to be reported to the WSIB within three days.
  • Besides which the worker should obtain a professional health report from the doctor that he has treated him. Additionally he should also report it to the union or health and safety representative.

How Safety first Consulting can help you to file a WSIB Claims?


Safety First Consulting has a paralegal team that provides complete WSIB claims management system. This system is designed to reduce and control an employer’s costs associated with workplace injuries and illnesses as well as provide benefit to the injured employees. The service includes the following:

  • Assistance with the completion of all WSIB claims forms.
  • To liaise with WSIB and health care practitioners.
  • Complete development and implementation of work reintegration program with modified work packages.
  • The monitoring and follow up of modified work progress.
  • Reviewing of the functional abilities.
  • Providing appropriate representation and the important meetings like the return to work meeting as well as work translation meetings with WSIB.
  • Plan for work reintegration and assistance.
  • Review of the second injury and enhancement fund (SIEF) cost relief.
  • Provides appropriate representation at WSIB and WSIAT appeal hearings.

Filing a WSIB claims is easier that you can imagine if you have followed all the necessary steps mentioned earlier.

  • The worker needs to complete and sign the Worker’s report of injury or disease. Such a WSIB forms can be obtained from the WSIB website. There is also the option of calling on the toll free number 1-800-387-0750 to get the form.
  • It is necessary that you give your doctor special permission to share information regarding the treatment or functional abilities the employer. This basically is information about the worker’s limitations due to the injury.
  • In general the worker cannot receive more than two weeks of benefit without actually agreeing to the release of information from the consulting doctor.
  • WSIB will provide a claim number once a claim is submitted which basically means that you claim is being processed.
  • If due to some reason the claim is rejected, the worker can appeal within six months of the WSIB’s decision.

Thus WSIB claims process is something that has been established by keeping both the employees and employers in mind.

There are several advantages of opting for Safety Consulting , the main advantage being that while you can be sure that your interest is safe with us you can be concentrating on new clients and the day to day business.

Safety First Consulting Professional Corporation is a licensed paralegal firm regulated by the Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC). Our paralegal team provides a widespread WSIB claims Ontario management system that is designed to reduce and control an employer’s costs associated with workplace injuries and illnesses. Our pro-active program begins at the point of occurrence and continues to the final resolution of the claim with a rapid response.

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Introduction to Occupational Health and Safety

Introduction to Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational Health and Safety ensures the good health and physical condition of the workers. There a few common health risks at workplace every worker must be aware of.

  • Breathing issues
  • Skin issues
  • Pain or damage in muscles, bones and joints
  • Hearing issues
  • Touch issues
  • Change in behavior issues

Over the last few year, these are the most issues have been recorded in any employee during their work. An organization has to be more concerned about these listed issues in order to avoid any type loss in the future, whether it is work related or finance related.

Breathing Issues

If a person works in an industry where he or she directly comes in a contact with toxic substances, the following health problem can be seen;

  • Asthma attacks
  • Severe allergy
  • Lung Damage
  • Cancer

An organization must look after these health problems and make their workplace a safer place to work. Other harmful substances to look after are, smoke, dust, gases and etc.

The occupational public health practice ensures the controlling over smoking, diet, and other consuming habits of the works.

Skin Issues

A very few people are aware of their skin issues, until they come in contact with them. I, myself, have a latex allergy and confirmed about this at the very late age. For all these years I kept wondering what that thing that harms my skin. In many industry workers have this skin related issues, like,

  • Burns
  • Itching
  • Cancer
  • Blisters
  • Scratches
  • Pain
  • Swelling

The organization must be aware of this type of risk and provide gloves to its workers in order to avoid any future causes. There are a many other safety point, which we will discuss sometime later.

The Occupational health in public health practices ensure no intake of such products or any body part contact with any such substance that has the ability to harm the skin.

Pain or Damage in Muscles Bones and Joints

One of the most common issue recorded till date. Workers have complaint about regular pains happening in the body during the working hours. It majorly happens in the industries like where heavy duty material has be done manually. Sometimes, due to wrong sitting postures cause this. Workers who are regularly working in a same direction with the same hand or body movement are likely to complaint muscular or other type of physical pain.

Organizations are recommended to minimize the risk by giving minimum pressure to the manpower when it comes to lift heavy materials and conduct health and body exercise events frequently.

There are many guides available in the market for this type of risk. Public health practice asks motivates exercise sessions in order to keep body as much flexible.

Hearing and Touch Issues

A few industries have a noisy environment to which nothing can be done. There are many sectors where noise and excessive vibrations have become the reason of permanent hearing issues, and pains in the ear. It might drag worker towards, sleeping issues, regular pain in the ears, concentration issues, and sometimes severe headache.

Organizations by raising hearing risk awareness amongst the workers must try to overcome the bad situations.

Change in Behavior Issues

This is the most common issue, which has been neglected over the years. The worker joins the organization with the zeal and full enthusiasm, but a few factor gradually makes that person irritated, bad behave. It can also cause mental health problem.

Organizations are suggested to keep workers personal and professional life separate and teach the same to their workers. There must be a department which listens to the workers issues and ensure them that the issue will be resolved as soon as possible.

Overall, it is not only organization’s responsibility to make the workplace safer place to work, but also workers. A guide to minimize the risk can be helpful to answer all the health related questions.

Which Company Helps you Minimize the Health Issues?

Safety First Consulting

Safety First Consulting is committed for occupational health and safety Ontario to assist companies understand the health related risk at the workplace and proposes numerous services. The services are linked with OHS Act.

  • Not only organization, but workers as well get the informative training.
  • We are TSSA accredit training provider.
  • Training partners are CHSC, CPTA, and Habitat for humanity.
  • Other partner is Women Presidents.
  • We also manage and control WSIB claims by applying strategic planning.

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Importance of Workplace Safety and Training

Personally speaking, why even this question needs to be asked. Who would want to be injured on the first place? No one. Then why this post then?

We know working at a dangerous sites and taking risk of the life sometimes become necessity. People work hard to feed their families. But this is also the truth that no family would want their earning member, who is so closed to their hearts works in an environment where the risk of any injury, or accident is unpredictable. All they can do is to keep some faith and expectations from the organization for who one of their family members is working.

To The Organization

Importance of Workplace Safety and Training

An organization has multiple divisions and departments. They all have different roles and responsibilities. There is one department named as, Health and Safety. They ensure that the employee is safe during his or her working hours. What makes this department is special is that they regularly conduct programs to generate awareness about the healthiness. They tell all the employees and organization too, the importance of Workplace Safety in the Workplace.

Explaining the Importance of workplace Safety

Less Injuries, Less Financial Damage

If the worker is safe and healthy then the company is in profit anyway. It has been seen in past any years, that an unhealthy employee costs you, and if he is fit and sound company will face less financial losses. Also, if he is not able to work for a while, the free hours will give you pains.

Care Workers, They will Care You

Workers enjoy working for them who care for them. If you take their health responsibility, they will take all the work related responsibilities under their account. Only a happy person can be productive. Remember that. Also, if your company hits 100 percent safe place to work, then it automatically gains popularity from the clients and the candidates.

Safety is Directly Proportional to Productivity

It is a truth, the companies who have witnessed success have better and safer workplace.

Organizations who take safety of the workers more seriously than anything else, likely see productive environment. A happy worker will put zeal into his or her work and anything. When a workplace is healthier, workers get less distracted and concentrate more on their task.

Importance of Safety Signs in the Workplace

The biggest importance of safety sign at workplace is that workers stay ensured that they are safe, and proper preparations have been made in case of any urgency. You may find many signs at your workplace, they all have special meaning. Workers must know about their significance. A department delicately working for this standard, must have all the signs set in their program.

Informing the risk in detail by writing long tail warnings, a simple sign makes sense. The best part is that all over the world these safety and risk signs are same. If you are travelling to other country related to office work, you will find the same signs there. They are standardized. Red indicates immediate danger. Green or amber color tells that precautions should be made in prior anything serious happens. Blue is something similar to Blue which means, do not wait and take immediate action. A good safety sign program will lead towards first aid room or somewhere safe. However, the signs are just a reminder, a worker must understand the importance of safety training in the workplace.

Safety Training Importance

Training programs are to ensure your employees and you both are safe and healthy during the working hours. Positive attitude brings productivity and thus less distractions occur. The third party assistant helps you learn safety tips, which can be resumed by the in-house employee. The organization with a safety certificate receives praise everywhere, and stays legally safe. Last but not the least, save money by saying goodbye to unfortunate things and invest them somewhere profitable.

Which Company Provides Health and Safety Training?

Safetyfirst for Health and Safety Training

Safety First is a TSSA accredited training provider and partner with CHSC, CPTA, and HABITAT. The only safety consulting company registered in Canada, has certain good points;

It makes sure organization has a minimum number of health risk. It helps them reduce the financial cost by applying a framework in the industry.

With their health and safety training Ontario and certification provided to you, you are known as reputed firm.

Does not matter small business or large, it proposes COR for all types of industries.

Visit the website for more information or contact (905)669-5444 or (866)214-0431

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Create an efficient safety program by following workplace safety program ideas

health and safety training programs

Spending money in workplace training is well invested. Employers who acquire effective health and safety training programs benefited from less workplace injuries and claims. Furthermore, they obtain the advantage of superior employee self-esteem and less insurance premiums. One common factor of booming companies is their approach towards safety and health program. In this regard one question arises how to create a safety program at the workplace. Since 1970, occupational deaths have been cut in half and injuries and the illness have been reduced by 40 percent.

Safe workplaces render uniformity and infallibility to expand a business. It is researched that a small business, having 50 plant reduced and saved more than $265,000 applying the strong safety program. Definitely employees like to work in the safe environment which results into high productivity.

Following below factors you can create a safe program at the workplace. Training regarding tools in a clinical area

Management influence and employee implication – For any firm to establish a safety program, accurate management is first priority. The Communication between employer and employee is an essential part of safety issues.

Investigate workplace- Analyze workplace properly to discover and destroy risky hazardous Systematic and regular audit is vital.

  • Ascertain that all employees are acknowledged with hazards and processes.
  • Analyze size and classification of work space is satisfactory.
  • Ensure that tools and other devices utilized by employees are designed perfectly.

Make employee prevented from hazards and get the mastery to operate them-

  • Maintain tools and vehicle on a regular basis.
  • Make sure that all employees have full knowledge and skill to operate their personal equipment.
  • Provide efficient training to employees for handling particular situation.

Safety and health training and provide knowledge

  • All employees should be properly trained is essential.
  • Foremen and supervisor are needed.
  • Only skilled and qualified employees granted to perform any job.
  • Ensure that no employees enact any job which seems to unsafe.
  • Provide training by proficient for all employees and managers to identify risky hazards and perceive responsibilities.

If you follow above workplace safety program ideas, definitely your workplace will be safe and satisfying for employees.

How Safetyfirst helps you to maintain your workplace safe and healthy?

Safetyfirst for government health and safety rules

  • Safety first puts fresh policies and procedures.
  • It creates a safety and healthy environment for both company’s employees and management.
  • Safety first ensures that company’s full team manager, clients and supervisors acknowledged by legislation.