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Did You Know Hostile Workplace is Same As Harassment?

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What is a Hostile Work Environment?What is a Hostile Work Environment?

A hostile workplace is not good at all for any organization as even one worker can make the entire workplace uncomfortable. Co-workers are seen mentally disturbed by one the following reasons, abusive languages, sexual harassment, negligence on promotion, social boycott and etc. Any of this eventually causes the loss of the productivity which is not good for the company growth. For this, the employer must look after the matter and resolve it as soon as possible in the favor of victim. Employers must also organize a Workplace Harassment and Violence training program in order to convey workers about the guidelines.

What Constitutes A Hostile Work Environment?

Rude Boss or Co-worker or no bonuses/encouragements/appreciation can make the workplace impossible place to work. A hostile workplace environment is no less severe than the harassment. It discourages the workers. A vehicle requires petrol/diesel in order to move, similarly, a worker needs a pleasant and periodical perks to staying motivated.

Being a worker of federal, necessary steps to be taken;

Keep Record

Any worker must take such incidents to the senior department but make sure these incidents have happened more than once. Before reaching the reporting person make sure you have enough evidence such as date and time of the event, audio recording, emails and etc.

Face to Face

Before escalating the matter, try to have a face to face communication with the guilty and find out the reason behind such misbehavior. There are cases where a boss is a reason behind your pain, in that case, go and talk directly in his cabin.

Talk to Supervisor

When you feel that personal meeting is not resulting in the way you had expected, it is the time to take the matter to your reporting person.

EEO Complaining Form

There are cases you feel that you are not being listened at the senior level as well as HR. In such cases you can approach EEO (Equal Employment opportunity) counselor to set up a meeting between you and the upsetting party. But before that you will require to file the case to EEO and wait for the response.

Safety First Consulting

Safety First Consulting

Safety First Consulting is located in Canada. It is an ideal idea to organize a workplace violence and harassment training Ontario for the workers and employer in order to keep the workplace a pleasant station to work.

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