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Everything That You Need To Know About Workplace Bullying

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What is Workplace Bullying?What is Workplace Bullying?

Verbal comments made against a worker which are too insulting to hear and bear. Not necessary it is always verbally, a physical action like leaving as soon the person arrives, or pushing his/her shoulder from the shoulder while passing.

What Constitutes Bullying in the Workplace?

Disagreement on the opinion obviously does not come under bullying, and similarly, there are many points which should not be considered under bullying. Currently, we will just mention the points which come under bullying;

  • Passing taunts and giggling every time victim passes by.
  • Bitching behind and spreading ill and wrong rumors.
  • Excluding a person from any activity/event/meetings or get together.
  • Intimidating a person by giving false information. For example, person’s name in the list of
  • sudden layoff.
  • Damaging the work of someone or blocking work intentionally.
  • Threatening
  • Using abusive and discouraging language.
  • Constantly delaying meetings, and slow-down in deliverables.
  • Pressurizing team or lead to deliver tasks before or on the impossible deadline.
  • Withholding some work or document deliberately.
  • Passing offensive jokes or sending emails.
  • Intruding in someone’s personal life by spying and stalking.
  • Constantly giving tasks out of the job profile.
  • Developing a feeling of uselessness by passing discouraging comments.
  • Yelling in front of team.
  • Constantly criticizing the work
  • Social boycott for a long period of time.
  • Not replying the emails.
  • Tampering with someone’s documents/company/personal assets.

Where to Report Bullying in the Workplace?

Before knowing what should be done here is the thing that should not be done in any case. Do not approach a person in an aggression or revert on the same mail in anger, it might backfire. So here is the thing what to do:

Inform your manager in the company and set-up a meeting with the people who are/is bullying you. Tell them firmly that their actions are insulting and you are mentally disturbed. They are affecting your work as well.

Keep the track of every activity. For example, when you realize the bullies approaching you turn the voice recording on. Ask your friends to capture images or videos while you are bullied. Write down the date, time, and activities happened to you. Save the emails and messages.

If you feel your complaints are not taken seriously escalate it to the higher level.

What Constitutes Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace?

One can hardly tell the reason of bullying. But it is a fact that no one bullies without any reason.
You might have got the promotion.

  • Your payroll is increased and not other’s.
  • You are boss’s pet.
  • Your way of talking sounds unpleasant.
  • Disorganized System

There is a full psychological study behind these activities. If you are an employer and faced such issues in your organizations several times then there must be something wrong in the system. It is the time you ask for the workplace violence and harassment training. A person who bullies needs to understand the disadvantages and results of his activity. And victim needs to understand that quietly enduring the pain may cause mental disease and motivate bullies.

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