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Info about COR which stands for Certification of Recognition in Canada

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Certification of Recognition

Manpower is one of the strongest pillars of any business. It can make it or break it. That’s why occupational health and safety rules must be followed by every company to guarantee the worker safety and smooth functioning. Up keeping of high level safety and health standard can also aid in getting financial incentives by achieving COR.

COR stands certificate of recognition. It is awarded to employers who fulfill the requirement of maintaining high safety and health standards.

Benefits of holding a COR

  • High safety and health standards assessed by certified auditors results in lowering grievances at work place, saving the financial cost as well as creating a good social image
  • Getting financial incentives through the WCB partnerships in injury reduction program requires a valid COR
  • Construction contractors holding COR generally gets the advantage while bidding for work in the industry

What is health and safety management system

Like a very old phrase says “prevention is better than cure”, a health and safety management system ensures the safety of workers from all potential dangers. Its main elements include:

  • Management Dedication
  • Discovery and evaluation of potential dangers
  • Threat control
  • Worker Training for handling emergencies
  • Inspections
  • Planning for proper retort in case of emergencies
  • In depth investigation of incident, if happened
  • Supervision of system

COR audit

Complete review of system by qualified auditors with partnerships approved and certification partners recognized audit instruments is must for qualifying for COR. Review of system elements with interviews, documentation and observation will become part of the audit process

Arranging for audit

Employer’s steps should include:

  1. Ensure having a health and safety system in place
  2. Contact certifying partner for list of qualified auditors
  3. Auditor selection
  4. Arrangements with the auditor

Along with considering the experience and qualification of auditor, one should also take reviews from his previous clients about the performance and cost. A company’s COR consultant can’t become the COR auditor.

Audit process of companies having more then one WCB account no

Use of single audit can be done to cover all the operations of employer but COR application must include the WCB no., industry code and facilities which were covered by audit. Multiple industry codes and/or facilities with a single WCB no. can be linked with the COR.

Audit review and issuance of COR

When requested for the same, the certifying partners will review the audit and after their satisfaction & request COR will be issued by ministry which will be co-signed by certifying partners

COR validity

Three years from the issue date is the validity time for COR where the date of issue is onsite audit completion date. Internal audit twice is required in first 12 and 24 months. All the COR related responsibilities must be fulfilled always for validity of the same.

COR renewal

External audit completion and review by certifying partner before expiry of COR is required for renewal of the same.

COR validity in case of company takeover or merger

COR validity will be withdrawn and new audit will be required for COR

Training for getting a COR

Certifying partners working as consultants or other consultants can be appointed for getting help in this regard.

Who else then a consultant that is a COR i.e. Certificate of Recognition holder can provide better assistance in getting the same. That’s is why with Safety First Consulting, the only safety consulting company registered in Canada you can always take the right steps towards achieving your COR for improved image and benefits mentioned above. Just visit for more details.

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