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Reduce Health and Safety Risks with Certificate of Recognition

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Certificate of Recognition

The employees who develop and assist in developing the health and safety in the organization are accredited with the Certificate of Recognition Program (COR). Owing a certificate means that you have followed the national standards and successfully applied safety & health program.

COR aims to provide employers safe and healthy environment with minimum accidents and disease, as well as associated financial costs.

There are certain benefits of having a COR Certification:

  • A COR means that a certified auditor has evaluated an organization’s health and safety management system.
  • It has been seen that COR has reduced the number of injuries and cost associated with. It has increased the reputation of the employers and strengthened their business.
  • Achieving COR is not enough, to gain a financial incentive COR requires maintenance. The WCB Partnerships in Injury Reduction (PIR) program and plays a major role in this process.

If you are reading this and thinking that only employers with thousands of workers can have the COR, then you are wrong. COR can be achieved by the firm as well who has minimum 100, however the procedure differs with few changes in the terms.

Now if you are wondering how to exactly achieve the COR, then read below:

  • You need to tie up with a certifying partner first, they appoint an auditor who will fill in the registration form for both COR and WSIB at the same time. The advantage of acquiring a COR without WSIB is partial.
  • The auditor will evaluate the H&S program and submit the reports to the certifying partner.
  • The certifying partner will check whether the process and result meet the standard or not. If matches, then the request is raised for COR.
  • Finally the request will be issued and signed by the ministry and certifying partner, respectively.
  • The certificate achieved is valid for years from the day it was issued. It is suggested to request of renewing the COR Certification before the expiration.
  • Also, employers must perform the first internal audit within the 12 months after the COR is issued. The second internal audit must happen within the 24 months of the COR is issued. An employer must appoint a quality analyst or similar designation person to perform the audit.

So who can provide you a COR Certification?

There are many Certifying Partners who offer also offer consulting services before providing the training. These services purpose to show the importance of implementing a health and safety management system in the organization. And how much important it is to acquire a COR.

The Safety First Consulting firm assists companies by implementing the COR (Certificate Of Recognition) Program.

Why Safety first consulting for COR Certification?

Safety first consulting

Safety First is a TSSA accredited training provider and partner with CHSC, CPTA, and HABITAT. It is the only safety consulting company registered in Canada, so there are certain benefits of it;

  • It makes sure that the employers from the construction industry gain maximum advantage by reducing the financial cost occurs due to accidents and injuries happen during the working hours.
  • You become a reputed firm which follows a higher standard for health and safety in the workplace.
  • It proposes COR for small, medium and large business, which means if the employer has a staff of 100 workers, then they are also eligible to get a COR.

Visit the website for more information or contact directly on (905)669-5444 or (866)214-0431

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