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Health and Safety Training Overview

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Workplace Safety Rules With Health and Safety Training:

Workplace safety rules and standards exits for the benefit of all concerned, the employees and the employers. In general it is necessary for the employer to educate the employee regarding the hazards involved at the workplace and all the necessary precautions and safe guards that a necessary to be taken. That said there as a few occupations that have a high risk of accidents occurring, eg. construction work, mining, etc and those with low risk. However safety needs to be maintained at all type of workplaces. Here are few workplace safety statistics to prove the point.

  • Approximately 4600 workers were killed at the workplace in 2012.
  • In 2014 more than 250 workers were killed in a mining incident in Turkey. This was mainly due to negligence by the management and involved workers from all around the world including Turkey.

Hence this stresses the importance of workplace safety since there are still many incidents even though precautions are taken.

Workplace Safety Training:

Workplace safety training is important for all employees and is applicable to both existing employees and the new ones. It is likely that the existing employees have already been advised about the safety concerns and made aware of the hazards at the workplace. In that case it is a good idea to arrange for a safety training during orientation of an employee. Hence the worker is thus made aware of the workplace safety facts during the orientation program or prior to joining.

Topics to include during Safety Orientation Training:

  • Providing information about the supervisor which also includes the contact information.
  • Making sure the employees are aware of their rights as well as responsibilities.
  • Notifying all about the workplace safety rules.
  • Also notifying them about the hazards present at the workplace.
  • Advise the workers regarding appropriate workplace environment and how to maintain it.
  • Supply the workers with the protective equipment and help them to use it correctly.
  • The employees should be notified about all the emergency procedures and also be notified regarding the location of the First Aid Box or medical help.

How Safety First can help:

Safety consulting

Safety First is one of the few organizations that has the experience and means to help organizations in the matter of health and Safety consulting. Their courses are specially structured to help employees gain a better understanding of their respective working environments and thus prevent and incident from occurring. They have a strong team of certified professional safety consultants that can help businesses of all sizes and a wide range of industries as well.

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