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What happens when your WSIB claim has been denied?

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Workplace injuries are occur on a daily basis and that is the sad truth of the workplaces. There are many different workplaces that are very risky and others that are not. For example in the 2012 alone approximately 4628 workers were killed while at work due to some or the other incident. 

The workplaces like the construction sites and mine are very risky and are places were the chances of fatal accidents occurring are very high. This is a per the annual statistics published. A very recent example is the incident that occurred in May 2014 at a mine in Turkey. This involved an accident in the mine which took the life of more than 250 workers from many different countries.

Think before you act:

There is a place that the workers can turn to in case of an incident that has occurred at a workplace. WSIB Compensation (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board) helps the workers as well as the employers alike dealing with such issues.

Although more number of workers are now aware of the existence of wsib benefits there are still many who don’t know of it. The first thing to do when you are involved in an incident at the workplace is to report it to the wsib. If it is a simple and clear case your WSIB claim is bound to be approved. But there are several cases in which your WSIB claim can go wrong.

Educate yourself about Workers Compensation (WSIB) Claims:

  • To start with it is likely that you WSIB claim is denied.
  • Your employer is not co-operative in the assignment he gives you when you are getting back to work; thus hindering your recovery.
  • Your WSIB claim is termed void due to your disagreement with the employer.

When you as a worker are faced with such a situation it is likely that you are not in a position to go back to the work due to some reason or the other. Every day that passes without work and without earning any wages becomes a great burden on you. There are times in which you need proper guidance and counselling.

This article is aimed to give you exactly that, help you out in tough situations:

  • Acting wisely: At times like this it is best not to take rash decisions. You do have the option of appealing the WSIB decision. However you need to act wisely. You also have the option of using sick days or vacation days. In addition to which you can also apply for a short term or long term disability benefits. However you need to also take your future health and financial well-being into consideration.
  • Protecting your own interests: Your next step is entirely up to you. You do have the option of appealing the claim. It is advisable to gather all the necessary information prior to taking the next step. This is a good time to consult a professional. There are several professional consulting agencies that can help you in such a situation. Agencies like Safety First Consulting are well equipped and have all the experience you need to help handle such a situation.

How Safety First can help you in the WSIB compensation process:


As per the statistics released in 2012 approximately 4628 workers were killed while on the job. A more recent example is the accident that occurred in the mines in Turkey. This occurred in May 2014 and more than 250 people from many different countries were killed.

Safety First Consulting Professional Corporation is a licensed paralegal firm regulated by the Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC). Our paralegal team provides a widespread WSIB claims Ontario management system that is designed to reduce and control an employer’s costs associated with workplace injuries and illnesses. Our pro-active program begins at the point of occurrence and continues to the final resolution of the claim with a rapid response.

Safety First Consulting is a firm that provides a vast range of services. it is a licensed paralegal firm regulated by the Law Society of Upper Canada. They work hard to control the costs of everyone involved be it the employers or the workers (employees). The get actively involved in the process from the time of occurrence of the incident, right up to the final resolution of the claim.

Besides Safety First Consulting also help out people with Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) Appeals. They provide representation as well as assistance for the Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal (WSIAT). It goes without saying that the claims process is very complicated but choosing Safety First makes the process easy as far as your role is concerned.

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