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What are worker’s compensation benefits?

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Worker’s compensation Benefits:

Worker's compensation Benefits

If the worker does qualify for compensation as per the regulations they can receive the following benefits:

  • In case the worker cannot earn their normal wages due to injury or illness, they are entitled to receive 85% of their wages.
  • The workers are also compensate for the health care costs incurred.
  • The transportation costs of going to and fro to the doctor’s clinic is also reimbursed.
  • The extent of the worker’s injury is analyzed and the steps are taken towards planning his recovery and the process of going back to work. In addition to which, if the worker is unable to perform his normal duties due to the injury, alternative work is sought.
  • For the workers who have been permanently disabled, there is an independent living allowance that pays a portion of the worker’s cost of living.

In the case where a worker is injured at work or even sick with a disease caused at work, then he is likely to qualify for worker compensation benefits. This is something that every worker should be aware of, since when such an incident does occur, it is first the responsibility of the worker to notify the supervisor or the employer; after which the process of workers compensation board ontario begins.

In general the Ontario’s workplace safety and insurance act explain which workers qualify for workers compensation. In fact, it is the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) that administers the ontario workers compensation board.

Worker’s compensation in construction:

It is now mandatory for independent operators as well as other individuals carrying out business in the construction industry to have a WSIB coverage. Thus the construction workers are also now covered by their employers. There are a few exemptions, however. For example the home renovators who are directly contracted by the home owner and work exclusively in home renovations are not covered and thus not provided worker’s compensation in construction.

Guidelines for workers in case he is injured or sick at the workplace:

To start with the worker should be aware of whether his workplace has the necessary covers for their employees. This is usually something that a worker should establish during the induction process. There are certain procedures to be followed and rules and regulations pertaining to compensation. Thus, in case of an injury at the workplace the worker should keep the following points in mind:

  • The injured worker must get first aid with the help of a colleague or supervisor.
  • The incident should be reported immediately reported to the supervisor.
  • After the initial treatment if the injury is serious and needs professional attention a doctor or a nurse should be consulted as soon as possible.
  • In case of an emergency, it is fine to consult the first available doctor; however the worker is free to use the help of a doctor of his choice. This may be a doctor suggested by the employer or the worker’s family doctor.
  • The employer has to take the responsibility of transporting the injured worker to either a doctor or his house.
  • The injured worker has to give a detailed report of the incident to his doctor while he is being treated, specially mentioning that it took place at work (if that is the case).
  • The doctor will then use all these details to generate a medical report for Workers Compensation board Ontario. (WCB).
  • It is also a good idea to mention the equipment or hazardous substance being used if such is the case.
  • It is possible that a worker may fall sick due to some reason. There are many diseases that don’t affect you immediately but are realized over a period of time. In such a case the worker can also approach the employer for compensation.
  • It also pays to inform the union if any of the incident. Since the unions can help improve the work conditions and prevent such incidents from happening in the future.

How Safety First Can help:

Safety First

Working directly with the Health and Safety Personnel or the Health and Safety Representative of the company, Safety First creates a set of fresh policies and procedures with Workers Compensation board Ontario. Finally, They work with the JHSC to ensure that this new program is effective, and ensure that the company’s supervisors and management team thoroughly understand the required legislation.

Safety First is involved in Occupational Health and Safety Training Ontario. They have a great deal of experience in this field and their highly trained people can help workers better understand the risks involved at their work place. They also can provide training on what preventive measures to take while at work.

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